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Cooper Pest Debuts Exclusion Service

Posted by: Cooper Pest

Homeowners Praise Permanent Solution to Ongoing Rodent Problems

Lawrenceville, NJ – In response to their customers’ needs for a more comprehensive rodent solution, Cooper Pest Solutions created their new Exclusion Service, which comprehensively excludes and prevents rodents from entering residential homes.

Unlike traditional pest control where only existing rodents may be eliminated, the Exclusion Program is designed for homeowners who have recurring rodent or wildlife activity and are looking for a permanent, preventative solution.

“Most pest control vendors only offer a temporary solution for rodent issues,” said Regional Manager and Manager of the Exclusion Program, Joel Gallardo. “Unless an exclusion of the home is properly performed, the entryways into a client’s home that mice and other rodents are using will remain open.”

Gallardo explained that if areas of the home are left accessible to mice or other rodents, they could be used in the future for pest issues to reoccur once again, which includes squirrels, bats, and birds.

“Our exclusion specialists will identify rodent entry and pest issues that may be difficult for most homeowners to find,” Gallardo said. “We will resolve the current pest issues by sealing all rodent entry points into the home and removing rodents from the home. Also included in the service, we perform functions to repair garage door sweeps, gable vents, dryer vents, roof return installation, and gutter guard as needed. This approach to preventative pest control ensures that all problem areas are addressed instead of focusing on only one area.

Gallardo stated that he noticed a need with his customers for more proactive and permanent rodent control as he saw the same clients with the same rodent issues year after year.

“Through our pilot program we discovered that the new strategies we implemented were proving to be effective for our customers and their homes,” he said. “It showed that the Exclusion Service was viable and effective, so we decided to launch it as a new service for our customers.”

Gallardo stated that upon implementation of the new program, customers were enthusiastic about the opportunity to finally have their ongoing rodent issues solved. He explained that anyone who has been having recurring mice, squirrel or rat activity in their home should utilize our Exclusion Service to finally put an end to their continuing problem.

“The service that we are offering is going to identify and seal up the various routes of entry utilized by rodents into your home,” Gallardo said. “We will make proper recommendations to prevent this issue from coming back in the future.” Our service not only covers rodents, but the service is also effective against squirrels, birds, bats, snakes, skunks, and other wildlife that can nest within your home.

For more information on the Exclusion Service, visit https://www.cooperpest.com/rodent-exclusion.

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