Commercial Pest Control


Cooper Pest Solutions is considered to be one of the most conscientious and educated pest control companies in the country. We also pride ourselves on our ability to create maintenance plans specially suited to serve your New Jersey or Philadelphia-metro area property. At Cooper, we take your needs very seriously, and our highly trained staff can help troubleshoot and solve pest problems where others have failed. From staff entomologists and sanitarians to technicians and customer service representatives, Cooper's team is available to assist you. We can handle a variety different types markets, including but not limited to:

  • Property Management
  • FDA Facilities
  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Multi-Family Housing
Did you know that Cooper can proactively monitor for Bed bugs within many corporate environments and quickly treat those infested areas? 
Our Sister Company, Bed Bug Central,  has recently developed a new product SenSci Volcano to allow us to discretely monitor for Bed bugs. When SenSci Volcano is used together with SenSci Activ, a lure developed by Rutgers University, the combination creates a highly-effective and easy-to-use bed bug monitor ActivVolcano that effortlessly blends into the environment.  If Bed bugs are found on the premises, we can quickly remediate infestations to help businesses avoid unnecessary interruptions and inconveniences.

At Cooper we provide our Bed bug treatments for:


Additionally, Cooper is a Quality Pro company, meaning that we are recognized among the leaders in the industry as environmentally responsible and committed to providing consumers with the highest possible service. We are committed to being "green" and offer both Integrated Pest Management services and Green and LEEDS® services to cater to the needs of your property.

While we do carry out many general maintenance services for commercial properties, Cooper is truly known for our Bed Bug, Termite, and Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) services. As a company, we are actively at the forefront of research, especially in terms of bed bugs. Cooper Pest Solutions employs multiple in-house entomologists who give us an edge when it comes to understanding complicated pest problems and how to deal with them.

When working with Cooper you can expect to have access to:

  • Creative Solutions for difficult pest problems
  • Integrated Pest Management Services
  • Termite Management Solutions
  • Bed Bug Specialty Programs
  • Prevention Programs
  • Consultations
  • Non-Chemical Services
  • Maintenance Services

There may come a time when a fellow employee or tenant may want additional information about a particular insect, and the team at Cooper Pest Solutions understands the multifaceted needs of businesses and commercial properties. Accordingly, Cooper Pest Solutions maintains an extensive library, which is continually updated, with literature pertaining to key pests, unusual pests, and informative guidelines to help make the pest control process easier, all of which is part of our commitment to helping you find effective and creative solutions to your pest control problems.