General Information

The Eastern Gray Squirrel has become a very common pest and occasionally can get inside homes throughout New Jersey and   Pennsylvania. These squirrels most commonly enter our structures in the fall and throughout the winter to build nests in attics. However, squirrels can build nests inside of an attic or soffit at any time of the year. Not only are squirrels nesting in the home a nuisance to the homeowner, but they can also cause substantial damage to the structure by gnawing holes, chewing wires and contaminating surfaces with their urine and feces. The number of squirrels nesting in a structure may be as few as one or two, but often as many as 4-7 squirrels are present. Flying squirrels are not as common as Eastern Gray Squirrels in this part of the country. However flying squirrels will also nest in attics from time to time. Gray squirrels are active during the day while flying squirrels are active at night. Thus, if you are hearing loud scurrying in the attic space of your home during the day, then you are likely to have Gray squirrels nesting in your attic. On the other hand, if the noises you hear occur almost always at night, then mice or flying squirrels are likely to be present.

Object of Cooper's Squirrel Control Program

The only method for controlling squirrels is their physical removal from the property. Squirrels are very persistent and will cause more damage to the home in an effort to get back into their nest. Cooper Pest Control’s Squirrel Control Program is designed to trap and remove all of the squirrels that are living in your home.

What to Expect

  1. An inspection will be performed to identify the squirrel’s entry point into the home.
  2. Live traps will be utilized to humanely capture the squirrels.
  3. Traps will only be set Monday through Friday and will be unset over the weekend.
  4. Cooper Pest Control will return on a daily basis to check trapped animals. You will only be charged for return visits if animals have been trapped and removed from the property.
  5. Squirrels that are removed from the property will be euthanized using guidelines approved by US Fish Game & Wildlife and the Humane Society.
  6. Cooper Pest Control will begin monitoring the squirrel entry point on the first day. Trapping will continue on a daily basis until no more squirrels are trapped and the monitor over the entry remains intact for 2 days.
  7. Upon removal of all of the squirrels, a temporary covering will be installed over the squirrel entry point to discourage other squirrels from seeking shelter in the now vacant nest.

***It is important to understand that Cooper Pest Control is only providing a temporary repair, not a permanent repair. At the onset of the job you should arrange to have a contractor permanently seal the squirrel entry after the job is completed. Cooper Pest Control will not be responsible for new squirrel activity once the temporary seal has been installed. For best results we recommend that the entry point be permanently sealed within two days of the completion of the job.

Give us a call today at 1-800-949-2667 or fill out the form on our website if you are having a squirrel problem at your Mercer County home.