Why Choose Cooper Pest Solutions?

Cooper Pest Solutions has been a leader in the pest management industry for over 65 years!

  • All of our services are 100% guaranteed. We deliver what we promise or your money back.
  • Founded by Entomologist Ted Cooper in 1955 as a local Trenton area pest control company. 
  • WOW is our passion at Cooper Pest Solutions
  • Our scientists create unique & effective pest solutions
  • We are environmentally conscious, always striving to minimize pesticide exposure
  • We serve the communities where we live.  Our dedication to community involvement includes contributions such as youth sports sponsorships, charitable giving, and events. 
  • We are an award winning company. Some of our awards include the HomeAdvisor Elite Service Award, Angie’s List Super Service Award, The Best of Bucks for the Intelligencer and the Bucks Courier Times, NJ Biz Best Places to Work, and more.

WOW is our mission.

WOW begins at Cooper with our mission to:

WOW our clients
WOW our teammates
WOW our service partners
WOW our community

Everything we do at Cooper is aimed at WOWing you, our valued client. 

Our scientists create unique & effective pest solutions.

As the leading company for developing new pest treatment technology, Cooper is also the principal authority on bed bugs within the pest control industry. The bed bug specialists at Cooper actively train other pest management companies on how to deliver effective treatments, while also developing products for the treatment and prevention of bed bugs.

At Cooper Pest Solutions, we continue to develop innovative solutions for pest control. Our expert and nationally recognized staff entomologist, Richard Cooper, developed the Cooper Carpenter Ant System. This method of Carpenter Ant Control delivers bait right to the ants while our competitors rely on ants finding the bait in order for their system to be effective. It is this type of innovation that distinguishes Cooper from the competition.

Cooper is also committed to training excellence. The entire staff undergoes an intensive initial training program that is followed up by continuous ongoing training on a wide variety of pest control topics. All of our pest management professionals are registered and licensed with the NJ Department of Environmental Protection as well as the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture.


We are environmentally conscious and are always striving to minimize pesticide exposure.

Cooper’s philosophy revolves around limiting the use of pesticides to those areas necessary to effectively prevent pest activity. By understanding pest physiology, biology and behavior, our pesticide applications can be targeted to control pests without broad-spectrum applications of pesticides.

Cooper Pest Solutions is known as an industry leader, rather than a follower. We strongly believe in paving the road for the future and The Food Quality Protection Act is one example. Cooper Pest Solutions discontinued the routine use of all Organophosphates in 1995, well before the industry was forced to do the same in 2000 by the EPA.

Recently, a possible link between neonicotinoids and honey bee die-offs has led to controversy across the United States and Europe. Although the research is still underway, at Cooper, we have decided to proactively discontinue the usage of all neonicotinoids. With our expertise, we are able to provide an effective alternative treatment without using neonicotinoids while nearly all of our competitors are still continuing to use this class of insecticides. It is this type of vision and expertise that separates Cooper Pest Solutions from our competitors.

Cooper Pest Solutions is a financially supporting member of the New Jersey Environmental Federation (NJEF). Cooper Pest Solutions’ dedication to environmentally sound approaches to pest management has gained national recognition by environmental organizations to include: the National Coalition against the Misuse of Pesticides (NCAMP), New Jersey Environmental Federation (NJEF) and the Bio-Integral Research Center Berkeley CA)

Cooper Cares!

A great company is built with great people. The staff at Cooper Pest Solutions are actively involved in raising money for numerous charities including the American Diabetes Association, The National Kidney Foundation, the National Multiple Sclerosis Foundation, EarthShare, and the Anchor House.

Each year, Cooper Pest Solutions sponsors multiple local youth sports teams throughout New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania. Our dedication to the communities where we live and work is woven into what defines the company culture and mission.