Cooper Pest knows mosquito control. Our expert mosquito exterminators are here to save your summer.

That's why our professional Bite-Free Mosquito Plan is effective and safe for your family and pets. With over 67 years of experience, our team is confident that your property won't be a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

Mosquito Extermination

Our Bite-Free Mosquito Plan will eliminate Asian Tiger mosquito populations all summer long at your NJ or PA Home. Enjoy the outdoors and take back your yard from mosquitoes this summer!

Schedule Mosquito Control Online


Follow these steps to get a bite-free yard this summer:

Step 1:

Read our mosquito service FAQs and order service online. One of our representatives will call you to schedule your first mosquito service.

Step 2:

A technician will come to your residence for mosquito treatment once per month beginning in May and ending in September. During the service, we will treat the vegetation around the perimeter of your yard, the landscape around your property as well as around and beneath decks and other outdoor shaded areas. Our treatments also consist of using a larvacidal where needed and a thorough inspection of your property. 

Step 3:

In the event that you are bitten by mosquitoes between treatments, simply contact us and we will retreat your property, free of charge. Please also note that any additional treatments do not affect your seasonal fee. 

Step 4:

Enjoy a bite-free yard all summer without getting eaten alive by mosquitoes!

Mosquito Service

The Bite-Free Mosquito Plan can only be scheduled in the following time frame.

Untitled design (6)May 1st-September 30th: Service that is performed during this time period will provide you with the maximum amount of success. This is the mosquito breeding season and when the most activity occurs in New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania. The earlier in the season you start, the more protection you'll receive. Treatments are performed monthly.