It's Your Business, Not a Wildlife Habitat

We'll get the invaders out of your building and keep them out with our Exclusion Service.


When rodents, squirrels, birds, bats, and other pests invade your business, they are more than an inconvenience. These pests chew through wires, eat drywall, tear insulation and leave droppings behind.

If you are struggling to get rid of birds roosting on your building, bats living indoors, squirrel nesting, or rodent invasions, a permanent (and highly recommended) solution is available from Cooper Pest Solutions. Since there are a multitude of small spaces or gaps around your building, rodents, and other wildlife can easily enter. Birds are very resilient and will gather on any ledge, covering your building, and sometimes unlucky employees and customers, with toxic droppings. 


Our Commercial Exclusion Service works in three easy steps:

1Our pest experts will perform a thorough inspection to identify the rodent or wildlife issues at your business and we will create a customized plan to remove them and keep them out.

2. We will take care of your current pest issue. 

3. We will exclude these pests from entering your business in the future. Our dedicated exclusion technicians will conduct trapping and wire mesh installation for low-lying areas. Perform sealing, capping, and metal flashing installations on the roof and in the crawlspace. One-way doors will be installed to allow wildlife to leave your building without being able to reenter. Bird netting, spikes, and other solutions can deter birds from nesting and gathering on the exterior of your building.

Our Exclusion Service Includes:

  • Sealing exterior cracks in foundation walls to prevent rodent entry
  • Closing all open voids around drain pipes and conduits both inside and outside of the structure
  • Securing roof and attic vulnerabilities against rodent and pest entry
  • Humane wildlife removal with the use of one-way doors
  • Customized bird prevention services including bird spikes and netting

We keep the following invaders out: 

Mice, Rats, Squirrels, House Mice, Deer Mice, Field Mice, Birds, Bats, and Snakes


Cooper also offers Commercial Bird Exclusion Services! Learn more about our bird exclusion program by clicking here.