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You’re lying in bed, trying to fall asleep, and all of a sudden…scratching. What’s that scratching noise? Is it coming from the walls? Nothing can...

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Each October, it’s an American pastime to visit a local farm and go pumpkin picking. Whether you’re going with your family or your significant...

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  1. Out with the old, in with the new- Are there broken or old and warped attic, dryer or gable vents on the exterior of your home? Now is the time...
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What do boxelder bugs look like?

Adult boxelder bugs are about 1/2 inch long with six legs and are black with red and orange markings on their...

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Unless you’ve experienced bat nesting in your home, it’s probably something that’s not in the forefront of your mind. Bat nesting is a sad reality...

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Stink bugs are primarily agricultural pests that target crops such as corn, soybeans, tomatoes, apples, peaches, and pears. But it doesn’t stop...

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What are the tiny jumping bugs in my house?

Some bugs fly, some crawl, and some jump. It’s less likely that you’ll find the jumping kind in your...

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What are the tiny black ants in my kitchen?

Tiny black ants tend to show up in kitchens and bathrooms, trailing around and seemingly out of...

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Whether you want to or not, you will probably see some type of stinging insect flying around exactly when you want to spend time with friends,...

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Insects, rodents, squirrels, flying squirrels, bats, and birds are all pests that breed, nest, and destroy gutters on homes. Gutters are high up...

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