Are small nuisance ants invading your kitchen, bathroom, or anywhere inside your home? Order service online!

If you currently have tiny ants crawling inside your home, please follow these steps for online checkout or call our office to request a FREE estimate.  Please note that if you are seeing large black ants nesting in wood, you likely have a carpenter ant problem which requires an estimate and is not eligible for online checkout.

Our One Time Ant Service costs $199 and is 100% guaranteed for 90 days.

Step 1:

PLEASE watch the video below and read our FAQ’s BEFORE ORDERING. 

Please take a moment to read our FAQ's before placing your order. 

Step 2:

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Step 3:

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Step 4:

Ants gone! You can expect to see at 50% reduction in ants within 2 days and 90%-100% reduction within 7-10 days.