Bird Exclusion Services for Business Owners & Commercial Property Managers

When pigeons, starlings, or sparrows nest on your building, it's time to take action.


Birds can cause a wealth of problems when they nest on your building.

  • Potentially carry pathogens that cause disease
  • Create distractions by swooping and making loud noises
  • Cause property, product, and equipment damage
  • Disrupt operations and decrease productivity
  • Prompt health code violations and work stoppages in some industries
  • Increase costs for cleaning and repairs
  • Damage your business’s image and reputation
  • Create slip and fall hazards with their droppings

The negative effects of ongoing bird infestations only intensify when the problem is left untreated.

Our Commercial Bird Exclusion Service works in three easy steps:

1Our bird control experts will perform a thorough inspection to identify the rodent or wildlife issues at your business and we will create a customized plan to remove them and keep them out.

2. We will get rid of the current birds on your property.

3. We will exclude birds from entering your business in the future. Our dedicated exclusion technicians will use bird netting, spikes, and other solutions to deter birds from nesting and gathering on the exterior of your building.


Our Bird Exclusion Service Includes:

  • Aluminum flashing installation to block entry points
  • Hardware cloth to prevent reentry
  • Expandable foam to thoroughly seal gaps
  • Bird spikes to prevent nesting and additional activity
  • Netting installation to block birds from entering and nesting