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Revolutionary New Building Unveiled At The Cooper Pest Grand Opening

Posted by: Cooper Pest

Cooper Pest Solutions unveiled its new multi-generational building at 2495 Brunswick Pike in Lawrenceville to the public and township dignitaries with a ribbon cutting ceremony on Thursday, June 21, 2018.

“We had a wonderful turnout and everyone seemed to enjoy all the new features of our headquarters,” said CEO Phillip Cooper. “From Lawrenceville’s Mayor Christopher Bobbitt to our employees’ families, the building was filled with laughter and smiles of enjoyment. I really couldn’t ask for a better grand opening.”

With over 300 attendees, including Lawrenceville council members and other dignitaries, Cooper Pest Solutions’ Grand Opening and Ribbon Cutting Ceremony was a successful event enjoyed by people of all ages.  

Guided tours with Cooper employees highlighted the renovated building’s new assets that appeals to all generations of people, particularly Butterfly Lane. The window-filled room allows for a bright and open work area which sparked the eyes of many as they walked through the eclectic space.

Cooper mentioned that all night The Hive, which is the building’s game room, was flooded with smiling faces and happiness from all.

“You can see the joy in everyone just by standing back and observing,” Cooper said. “Both kids and adults of all ages are enjoying the atmosphere and that’s what I was trying to achieve with this building.”

Creating a unique, multi-generational working environment was an important aspect to Cooper while he was searching to find the right building.

“What I envisioned was creating a space that was multi-generational,” he said. “I wanted to create a space that embodied our culture thus promoting productivity and a positive working environment.”


Cooper stated that during his first walk through of 2495 Brunswick Pike, it didn’t feel like to right fit, however, after seeing 30 other buildings and revisiting the site for a second time, he could see his vision come to life.

“After walking it a second time, I was able to visualize what we could really make this space become. The 25-foot high ceiling with a clear span and no columns, room for a second floor and lots of items that we could repurpose provided me with the ingredients for the perfect recipe. There were endless possibilities with what we wanted to create here. It turned out to be the perfect space for the unique vision I had for our new headquarters.”

During the set-up of the new space, Cooper explained that he would do daily walk-throughs and make adjustments to his vision by using feedback from his teammates and colleagues in a collaborative method to come up with the end product that you see today.

Visionary and revolutionary are just a few adjectives to describe the pest control company’s new home.

“It’s a wonderful feeling to see something that you have envisioned and created on paper actually come to life, and bring joy to others in the community,” Cooper said. “This building is more than just a pest control business. It is the foundation for our WOW culture, the building block to revitalizing this shopping center and our community, as well as the home to so many incredible people, who none of this would be possible without.”

 For more information of the building and its transformation into Cooper Pest Solutions’ new headquarters, click here.

Watch drone footage shot by Danny White of BedBug Central to take a virtual tour.

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Ribbon Cutting Ceremony