The Cooper Building

The Lawrenceville area is satiated with rich history and a strong tradition of hard work. Going all the way back to the 1700’s, this area has always been an epicenter for industry and production, namely gristmills. Then in 1895 John Bahrenburg of Trenton purchased most of the tracts and turned the local pond into a large natural ice making operation. The pond was drained in 1960, and in 1970 Cooper moved in and since has called Bakers Basin Road home. Reaching into the traditions of the land has helped us stay connected to community around us and further our WOW mission.

Originally purchased in 1972 by founder Theodore Cooper, the first Cooper offices resided in a two story home for 30 years. After decades of hard work, the company outgrew the small house. 

Old Building

A decision was then made to break ground on a new building attached to the house to meet the needs of the evolving and booming pest control industry. The transformation at 351 Lawrence Station Road was carefully designed to ensure that the WOW mission could be carried out efficiently and effectively in 2003.

New Building

entrance_rightWow Room








This headquarters successfully housed over 30 in-house employees as well as over 100 technicians and their materials, making the building fully functional and multi-purpose. In 2008 it received national recognition by the Building Owners and Management Association International (BOMA International), in their Office Building of the Year competition, reaching the national finals.


In 2017 the decision was made by CEO Phil Cooper that a new, upgraded, larger, and unique headquarters was necessary for the continued success and growth of the company. The search for Cooper’s next home brought up new challenges and required careful forethought and a creative vision. The first building that Phil toured was a closed down Retro Fitness®, and now our new home. Upon seeing the building for the first time, he immediately rejected it because he felt it was too small for the company’s needs long-term. He was seeking an at least 20,000 sq. ft. facility and this location was only 13,000 sq. ft. It was clear that the search needed to continue. After two months of visiting 30 buildings, something drew Phil back to the first building he had brushed aside. Just as he entered the building for the second time, his vision for a revolutionary new office space clicked in vivid color. It was with that revelation that he knew he had to pursue this opportunity for a long-term Cooper home. 

Phil is a big fan of melding all generations into a cohesive group. So many companies are creating “Millennial” space designed to attract Millennials. Phil was adamant to create a space that appealed to all generations, Matures, Baby Boomers, Xers, Millennials, and the rising Z Generation.


With his initial concept, Phil immediately knew what existing features he wanted to keep intact and which would be made new. Elements such as the Cooper Café counter, checkerboard flooring, diamond plate (which was kept in some areas and repurposed in others), the sound system, and the wood flooring of the Technician Room were kept. However, some features were removed to fit the mold of Phil’s ideas such as the mirrors covering the large windows in Butterfly Lane. The overall goal was to make things more efficient and better, which we believe we have now accomplished. 

The Jemal family, owners of JJ Operating Inc. (a third generation company) who owns the shopping center provided him with a very attractive offer and they were willing to work with us as a member of the shopping center, which was something that was a struggle to find as a pest control company. And so the final choice was made to settle in at 2495 Brunswick Pike, Suite 10 in the Lawrence Shopping Center.

Phil visited one of our service partners, WorkWave who had just finished their new amazing headquarters in Bell Works in Holmdel. Borrowing concepts and engaging their architect Michael Savarese of Michael Savarese Associates Architects, the vision went to paper.

The staff moved into the building in early April of 2018, with light construction still underway. On June 21st, 2018 the new Cooper Pest Solutions Headquarters was officially opened to the public at the Grand Opening with a ribbon cutting ceremony.












Official Ribbon Cutting Ceremony at the Cooper Pest Grand Opening June 21st, 2018

The building was transformed from an Eric Movie Theater, to a RompAround, and most recently a Retro Fitness® . Since renovations for the Cooper Pest Solutions began in December of 2017, we were able to construct a highly sophisticated and sustainable building that suits the needs of all generations. This facility specifically provides the staff with the ability to move anywhere within the headquarters on a daily basis. One can move from Butterfly Lane to the Customer Service Manager area in a matter of seconds when they would like to. Our main hub, appropriately named The Hive, is what connects the Cooper Cafe to the meeting rooms, executive offices, and Butterfly Lane. This space is complete with a ping pong table, shuffleboard, and cornhole for the staff and visitors to enjoy. 

Take a tour of our building with drone footage shot by Danny White of BedBug Central