The Cooper Building

The Lawrenceville area is satiated with rich history and a strong tradition of hard work. Going all the way back to the 1700’s, this area has always been an epicenter for industry and production, namely gristmills. Then in 1895 John Bahrenburg of Trenton purchased most of the tracts and turned the local pond into a large natural ice making operation. The pond was drained in 1960, and in 1970 Cooper moved in and since has called Bakers Basin Road home. Reaching into the traditions of the land has helped us stay connected to community around us and further our WOW mission.

The Building: Originally purchased in 1972, the first Cooper offices resided in a two story home for 30 years.Old Building

Cooper Pest Solutions is committed to being different, and it all starts when we walk in the door. The transformation at 351 Lawrence Station Road was carefully designed to ensure that the WOW mission could be carried out efficiently and effectively in 2003.

New Building

The WOW Room: By far the most unique part of the Cooper building is the WOW room. The WOW room is the focal point of the office, and the hub of activities that go on here at Cooper. It also doubles as the break room, there is a T.V., a coffee machine, water fountains, a full refrigerator, and microwaves. At the end of the room, there is a projection wall where we project the latest news and goals about the company. Throughout the day, staff members keep the projection updated, which helps us focus on our goals and keep WOWing our clients.

Wow Room

As the 2013 NJBIZ Corporate Citizen of the Year, Phil Cooper is heavily involved in serving the community around him. In 2012 and 2013, Phil rode his bicycle across the county from Yorktown, VA to San Francisco, CA. After a total of 3,780 miles and $50,000 for the National MS Society, we proudly display some of the gear from trip. The Cooper staff is committed to helping better their community, and there are always plenty of volunteer activities to participate in.


Cooper has become synonymous with hard work and expertise. As a leader in the industry, Cooper stands alone in their pest control treatments and customer service. As a result, we have been noted in many publications, both local and national, and have been recognized for several awards throughout our rich history, which can be seen in the WOW room. In fact our building itself has received an award, the 2008 Outstanding Building of the Year (TOBY) awarded by the Building Owners and Managers Association International.building_award

Our entomologist Rick Cooper has helped keep us ahead of our competition by developing the most efficient and eco-friendly solutions to get rid of your pest problem. He has been noted in several publications for his research and his contributions to the world of pest control, which have been posted in the WOW room.


War Room: The War Room, or what many others refer to as a “conference room” is another aspect of Cooper that truly makes our building stand apart. It was designed to be the “brain” of Cooper, where many of our ideas are generated and then ultimately brought to fruition. The WOW mission is discussed strategically here so that it can be implemented with our growing technology in a way that is the best for our customer. The room also doubles as a “Crash Room.” In the event of a power shortage, we have an emergency generator that will do on and power this room along with our IT room, ensuring that we will always be WOWing our clients.war_room

History Wall: WOWing our community is part of the Cooper mission, and we understand that incorporating our history is an essential part of bringing that mission full circle. We are situated in an area rich with history, and our goal is to bring that history back to life so that further generations can fully appreciate the area we call home. We also have a wall to commemorate our own personal history, with humble beginnings in 1955 to where we are now. Cooper is constantly growing as a company, but we are always mindful of our past in an effort to continue WOWing our customers.


Phil’s passion goes well beyond just customer service and community service. One of Phil’s other greatest passions is football, specifically the Philadelphia Eagles. He goes to all the home games, fully decked out in gear and with his face painted, and can often be seen on television or leading the cheering section. Since the office is located in New Jersey, there are many teams that are prevalent around the office, but the biggest rivalry is between Phil and his wife Laura who is a Giants fan. Sports keep the office interesting and always fun to be around.phil_eagles

Here at Cooper, we are committed to staying ahead of the curve when it comes to pest control solutions and client relations. We believe that to accomplish these goals, it has to begin with the foundation, which is why we have carefully designed our building to be as efficient as possible, but also allow for new ideas. Cooper always has been, and always will be dedicated to serving our customers the absolute best we can. We understand that by training our employees to be leaders in their field, we are able to give the customers the WOW treatment that they deserve, and it all begins as we walk in the door at 351 Lawrence Station Road.cooper_sign