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What Is The Difference Between Pest Control and Extermination in Lansdale PA?

Posted by: Cooper Pest

Both pest control and extermination are terms you frequently hear when it comes to treating homes for insects. Is there really a difference?

What is an exterminator?

Extermination is an antiquated term that has a connotation of intense, harmful chemicals being heavily applied to your home. The goals of extermination were to completely kill and eliminate pests at all costs, not taking into consideration the prevention of continued pest activity. The industry has since moved away from the exterminator definition and shifted towards pest control.

Exterminator in Lansdale PA


What is pest control?

Pest control methods aim to control and eliminate pest and rodent activity within homes and commercial buildings across Lansdale. The movement away from “extermination” occurs and continues to develop as biological research advances. As an industry, we are finding that not all pests can be 100% eradicated from human-made structures such as residential homes and commercial buildings. When elimination is impossible, control is possible. This safer and more strategic approach is what Cooper Pest Solutions uses to achieve successful services.

Pest Control in Lansdale


How do pest control companies get rid of bugs in Lansdale, PA?

Cooper Pest Solutions takes a multidisciplinary approach to pest elimination and control. While most pest control companies will use bug spray for reactive treatments, Cooper Pest Solutions always looks for solutions first.


What kind of bug spray do pest control companies use?

There is a misconception that all companies cover your home and property with pesticides, spraying chemicals liberally. You will likely find an exterminator in Lansdale that will treat your home in this way. However, Cooper uses a scientific approach to use the least amount of pesticides possible to solve a pest problem.

Here at Cooper, we don’t believe in using pest spray as a cover-all for pest control. Instead, we provide treatments only where needed, targeting breeding sources and areas with high pest activity. Doctor of Entomology and Technical Director at Cooper Pest Solutions, Rick Cooper, constantly works to innovate and develop programs that use pest biology against them. This is what separates Cooper apart as the best pest control in Lansdale, PA. Avoiding heavy pesticide use and taking an approach rooted in scientific research makes our programs the most effective, reliable, and fast.


How much does pest control cost?

Our pest control programs are tailored to meet the needs of your home. Most of our pest control prices are based on the square footage of your home as well as the specific pest you are looking to control. Some of our One-Time Services are a flat fee which includes:

One-Time Mouse Control Service

Cooper’s One-Time Mouse Control Service is the best solution for situations where mice are currently active. This service is not preventative but instead, treats the existing pest infestation. Bait stations are strategically placed to target where mouse activity is highest. Common bait station placements include garages, attics, and kitchens. These stations are made to be tamper-resistant, preventing humans from opening them and pets from chewing through them.

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One-Time Wasp Nest Removal

Cooper’s One-Time Wasp Nest Removal treats existing hornet, yellow jacket, paper wasp, and mud wasp nests at your home. A technician will visit your home in preventative gear to treat the nest to eliminate stinging insect activity.

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One-Time Ant Control Service

Cooper's One-Time Ant Control Service targets small nuisance ants and eliminates the populations in your kitchen, bathroom, or any other area they are being seen. We will create a protective barrier home by applying treatments to the exterior foundation of your home. In addition, gel baiting will be placed in discrete areas where ant activity is high indoors. Common placements for gel bait include window frames, pipe chases, and base boards.

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Our Carpenter Bee Removal Program targets the larger area where carpenter bee activity exists at your home. Instead of treating each hole individually, our Cooper technician will treat the entire wood area where the bees are drilling holes. This application acts as a non-repellent, causing carpenter bees die when they try to reenter their current nests or create new nests within the treated area.

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For residents with an active Carpenter Ant infestation at home, the Cooper Carpenter Ant System focuses on eliminating active ant colonies. Detailed inspections are performed to locate Carpenter Ant trails and with pinpoint accuracy, our pest management professionals deliver the system. The ants feed on the bait, taking it back to the colony where it is fed to other ants, thus destroying the colony. The system includes identifying carpenter ant trails, utilizing baits and traditional materials as necessary. The program is available only through Cooper Pest Solutions.

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Does Cooper provide pest control near me?

Cooper provides the best pest control in Lansdale, PA and Montgomery County since 1955. Our programs control and eliminate several common household pests as well as specialty services that target challenging seasonal pest problems.


Residential programs can be performed as a targeted one-time treatment or an annual program with more expansive coverage. Read our program descriptions below to figure out what’s right for you.


One Time Services

Our One Time Services are reactive treatments to target an existing pest problem. One Time Services can be customized to treat for only one pest. You will receive 90 days of coverage with unlimited, free services calls in that period. Not all pests can be treated with our One Time Services. Pests that are eligible for a One Time Service can be found by clicking the link labeled “One Time Services” above.

Home Traditional Program

The Home Traditional Program is a substantial value for the homeowner that does not want to be bothered by crawling insects, mice, and wasps. The Home Traditional Program provides preventive pest and rodent control for your home, year round. As part of your plan, you will receive four services per year. Each year you will receive three exterior maintenance services (March – November) and one interior service (December – February). There are some exclusions in the Home Traditional Program when compared to the Home Intensive Program.

Home Intensive Program

The Home Intensive Program is designed to provide preventive pest and rodent control for your home, year round. This is our most popular service for homeowners. The service plan includes four preventive services per year. Each service is unique and will be accompanied by a detailed 30-point inspection report with detailed findings as well as providing you with important recommendations for your home. Each year you will receive three exterior maintenance services (March – November) and one interior service (December – February). 


Specifically Excluded from Both Services: Wood Destroying Organisms. Including but not limited to Termites, Wood Boring Beetles, etc. Flying Insects (gnats, mosquitoes, etc.) and Animal & Bird Control (Wildlife Mgmt).


Specialty Services Include:

Boxelder Bug Service Lansdale PA

Pictured Above: Boxelder bugs can be treated with our Overwintering Pest Program.


We provide several options for pest control in Lansdale, PA. Although our headquarters is in New Jersey, we employ technicians that live in Montgomery County and are dedicated to servicing this area. All of our technicians are Cooper employees, not independent contractors. That’s why you can trust our family-run company with treating your home.


Are you ready to work with the top rated pest control company in Lansdale, PA? Call Cooper at 1-800-949-2667 or fill out the contact form to get started.

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