We Can Prevent Wasps from Nesting on Your Home!


At Cooper Pest Solutions, we have a unique service that prevents Wasps from nesting on your home.

With our knowledge of wasp biology, we've created cutting-edge treatments to successfully prevent wasps from nesting on your home, decks, swing sets, storage sheds, etc. One treatment will prevent nest development for up to six months. Our residential wasp prevention service is available as a one-time service and is also included with our Home Intensive or Home Traditional services. 

Our preventative Wasp Service is 100% guaranteed and extends through September. Specifically, we will treat your home once between 4/15-5/15, and then we will come back in June and August to inspect and treat again if we find any new activity. If, during this time, a nest is discovered in or on a structure we've already treated, we will treat this area(s) at NO ADDITIONAL COST. 

If you currently have an active Wasp, Yellow jacket, or Hornet nest that requires immediate attention, please follow these steps:

Step 1:

Don’t panic, and definitely don't do anything to aggravate them! 

Step 2:

Schedule service online for fast technician dispatch. Same day or next day service is typically available. 

Step 3:

One of our trained technicians will visit your home to treat and remove the wasp, yellow jacket, or hornet nest at your home.

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