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Taking the Bite Out of the Holidays

Posted by: Cooper Pest

For those suffering from a bed bug infestation, there’s finally a reason to be Merry this year – A nationwide program is accepting applications for free bed bug services during the holiday season.

Applications are Now Being Accepted For Free Bed Bug Services

Bed Bugs Infestations are on the Rise, Wreaking Havoc in Households and on Wallets of Those Who Can’t Afford Treatment

New Jersey – November 6, 2014 – 

Throughout the month of December, BedBug Central will coordinate with pest control companies across the country to provide free charitable bed bug services to those in need. Taking the Bite Out of the Holidays, is an annual charity, having donated over $500,000 in free service since its inception in 2009. The charity helps those suffering from bed bug infestations that do not have the financial means to improve their situation and are unable to find comfort and relief from their problem.

As bed bug infestations continue to spread and grow throughout the country, the National Pest Management Association reports nearly 30 percent of those living in urban areas have encountered bed bugs. Seeing firsthand how difficult and expensive bed bugs are to eliminate, Jeffrey White, Vice President of Technical Services for BedBug Central developed “Taking the Bite Out of the Holidays.”

"Having dealt extensively with bed bugs, we know they can be very difficult and expensive to eliminate. We also understand there are many people out there that simply can't afford effective treatment," said White.

"This holiday season we want to give back to the community and provide some relief to those in need so that they could use their money to create a happier holiday without the frustration of bed bugs." In order to reach as many needy individuals and charities as possible, Bed Bug Central enlisted the help of its bedbugFREE network, a network of like-minded companies that agree with philosophies and treatment methods of Bed Bug Central, and other pest management companies. Those in need of bed bug services or those who wish to recommend someone are asked to submit an application detailing in 300 words or less why they are in need of treatment. Applications can be submitted a variety of ways:

  1. Online: Submit an application online, click here
  2.  Via mail:"Beddy Bed Bug", 351 Lawrence Station Road, Lawrenceville, NJ 08648
  3. Email: beddy@bedbugcentral.com
  4.  Twitter: Send a Tweet to @BedBugCentral

Applications are being accepted through November 28, 2014. Once those individuals and organizations that have been selected are notified, a prompt treatment date will be scheduled.


About BedBug Central: BedBug Central serves as the nation’s most authoritative information resource and website available to the public for information concerning bed bugs and bed bug related issues concerning health, prevention, and treatment methods. BedBug Central website

About Taking the Bite Out of the Holidays: Taking the Bite out of the Holidays is a charitable effort sponsored by BedBug Central that is offering free bed bug services to those in need who are suffering from bed bug infestations and do not have the means to better their situation this holiday season. Since 2009, over $500,000 in services has been donated to those in need. 

For further information, please visit www.BedBugCentral.com

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