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How Do I Remove Wasps and Bees from my Manalapan, NJ Home?

Posted by: Cooper Pest

Wasps and bees play an important role in the eco-system but sometimes they can be aggressive towards anyone who they deem “threatening.” Since many bees and wasps can be ready to sting at any given moment to protect their nest, this can pose several health risks to homeowners and their family who may be allergic to these stings. Cooper Pest Solutions offers Manalapan, NJ and surrounding areas, a service that can prevent them from nesting on your property structures. 


Wasp Nests on your Manalapan, NJ Home

Generally, in the early spring wasps will emerge and then begin building their nests on various structures, including homes, decks, swing sets, storage sheds and much more. They will collect wood from wooden playsets, deck railings, fences or barks of trees to help construct their nests.

Since many people are afraid of wasps, seeing a nest on one of their property structures could cause alarm.  Although wasps are only moderately aggressive, they will readily sting if they feel their nest is being threatened. Their sting can be painful and can cause an anaphylactic reaction in those who are allergic.

“Some people are really adverse to stinging insects,” said Dr. Richard Cooper, staff entomologist at Cooper Pest Solutions. “They don’t want to have a reactionary approach, they want a preventive approach, and that’s why many of our homeowners add a wasp prevention service to their home services.”

At Cooper Pest Solutions, we offer different services, including one that removes wasps and bee nests that already exist and other services that prevent nests from being established. With Cooper’s Wasp Prevention service in place, Manalapan homeowners will notice a decrease in wasp presence on their property, as well as carpenter bees and yellow jackets.

Wasp Removal and Prevention in Manalapan, NJ

There are several options available at Cooper Pest Solutions when it comes to wasp and bee removal. First and foremost, if you’re just looking for nest removals, then it may be a better option to enroll in our Home Traditional or Home Intensive service, which covers removals of yellow jacket, mud wasps, and paper wasp nests should they occur. If you want to prevent the wasps and bees from nesting, like many homeowners, then you can add on Cooper’s Wasp Prevention Service.

Cooper Pest Solutions’ Wasp Prevention Service

Unlike other pest control companies, Cooper offers its clients the option to prevent wasps and bees from nesting on structures within a homeowner’s property.

“Most companies don’t offer proactive treatments,” Cooper said. “They typically offer reactive services only. Our program is unique in that we are treating areas where wasps will typically create nests before the nests are built.”

The goal of Cooper’s Wasp Prevention program is to stop wasps from nesting on the structures of your property, such as your home, decks, swing sets, and sheds.

“When a wasps lands on a particular spot, they will evaluate the surface, and if they find it appealing, then they will start building their nest along the surface,” Cooper said. “We treat those areas and it discourages the wasps from building their nests in areas where they normally would have.”

If you are enrolled in the Wasp Prevention program at Cooper Pest Solutions, you will receive a prevention application treatment and two follow-up inspections during the spring and summer months.

During the two follow-up visits, our trained technicians will inspect your home for stinging insect activity. If active wasp nests are located, a technician from Cooper Pest Solutions will carefully remove the nest from the structure on your property. After removal, our technician will then retreat the areas to prevent any future activity from happening as well as provide you with a written inspection report.

One treatment of Cooper’s wasp prevention service can provide up to six months of nest development prevention. Typically the prevention program begins in early spring with the first application done to the first-story of the structure. Additionally, Cooper Pest will treat second-story “high-traffic” areas, such as the entrance to your home. If during coverage time a nest is discovered on a structure that was already treated, we will treat the areas at NO ADDITIONAL COST.

Areas Treated For Wasp Prevention by Cooper Pest Solutions

  • First Story Soffits
  • First Story Windows
  • Behind Shutters (First & Second Story)
  • Light Fixtures attached to structure
  • Dryer Vents
  • First Story Gutters
  • Corners or Edges of Structure
  • Meter Boxes
  • Areas with historic activity
  • Decks

Cooper Pest Solutions’ Wasp Prevention Service not only prevents wasps but also helps deter carpenter bees from tunneling into wood and yellow jackets from nesting in wall voids within structures in treated areas.

“If you’re really concerned about stinging insects, and you want a proactive, season-long approach versus a reactionary approach, then you should consider the prevention program,” Cooper said.

What Makes Cooper’s Wasp Prevention Successful?

Other pest control companies may make a claim that they can prevent wasps, but be weary. There are several questions you can ask other companies to see how their wasp service differs from Cooper Pest Solutions. Be sure to ask the following:

  • How are you treating for wasps?
  • What areas of my home are you treating?
  • How long will wasps be prevented from nesting?

At Cooper, we can easily answer all these questions and more on our wasp prevention program. Our knowledge of wasp biology and behavior are what sets us apart from other pest control companies. Our cutting-edge programs are specifically designed around proven scientific research to effectively prevent wasps from nesting on your property structures. Unlike other companies, we offer a 100% guarantee our Wasp Prevention Service.

Cooper’s One-Time Stinging Insect Nest Removal

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