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Protect Your Bucks County Home from Termites

Posted by: Cooper Pest

Termites can cause big problems in Bucks County. The worst part – they could be lurking for a lengthy period of time with no immediate signs. Termites feed on dead plants, treesand wood. The feeding habits of the termite can cause costly damage to your home and property, and you may not even realize it’s happening until there’s significant damage.

 There are ways you can help ward off a termite infestation before it begins. Being proactive and knowing the signs of termites in Bucks County can save you a lot of headaches and money. Some warning signs that there is already a problem can include; cracked or bubbling paint, hollow sounding wood when tapped, discarded wings, mud tubes, termite mounds, termite droppings, and wood damage.

 For people who are unfamiliar with what a termite looks like, learning to recognize the species is important. Eastern Subterranean Termites are a common wood destroying insect found in the northeastern part of the United States.  Eastern Subterranean Termites can be pale yellow in color and have soft bodies. Many people confuse them with carpenter ants, but carpenter ants are darker in color and have hard bodies. Plus, termites and carpenter ants have different shaped antennae. When a termite colony gets large enough, winged termites emerge and create a new colony, called a swarm.

 Now that you can identify a termite by its appearance, it’s important to know what you can do to help prevent a termite infestation in Bucks County.

      -          Check the wood outside your house for noticeable damage.  This includes wooden             fences, decks, and firewood.

-          Get rid of tree stumps in your yard.

-          Be sure that the wood on your home doesn’t come into contact with the soil.

-          Avoid wood mulch near the foundation of the house.

-          Remove wood debris in the yard and near the house.

-          Slope soil away from the foundation.

-          Divert rainwater away from the foundation.

-          Be sure lawn sprinklers are pointed away from the foundation.

-          Enhance cross ventilation in your crawl space.

-          Make sure plants do not come into contact with the house.

-          Regularly inspect cracks in concrete.

-          Be sure the basement or crawl space are as dry as possible.

-          Eliminate any moisture problems.

-          Keep gutters clean.

-          Keep any vents clear and open.

-          Repair any leaking faucets and water pipes.

Protect your greatest investment.   At Cooper, our goal is to find termites and eliminate them before they ever reach your home.  Our TerrmAware™ service is the most comprehensive termite service that the industry has to offer. Call Cooper Pest Solutions at 1-800-949-2667 to protect your Bucks County home from Termites.

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