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Phil Cooper Celebrates 30 Years at Cooper Pest Solutions

Posted by: Cooper Pest

Reflecting on his 30 year anniversary today, Phil submitted the note below to the Cooper Staff.

30 years ago, in May of 1984 Cooper received its first green vehicle. My dad had just decided to try the green color and his only concern was that some customers might not let the truck in their driveway. That never happened. Over the next five years all the trucks became green and it was a such an amazing decision, I cannot take any credit for this one. Cooper green started in 1984.

The company’s service area was divided into the North and the South, it was kind of like the Civil war.  The “South” dividing line was Princeton and anything west or south was considered South. North was Kendall Park and points due east with the furthest being New Brunswick and to the north Belle Mead. That was it, our entire geography. My job was to grow the everything past that and starting 30 years ago today, that is what we did."

My mom did payroll, the financials and ran the office with my dad.  We had no WOW back then, the upstairs offices in the old building that used to be Rick & my offices (and now house Jeff’s filming studio for BBTV) were not even built yet; that would happen somewhere around 1988-89.  30 years ago, Rick was still in school at the University of Delaware having way too much fun :)

It has been a great 30 years and I am looking forward to many more!!! Thank you for being such a great team to work with.

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