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Pest Proof Your Home This Summer In Spotswood, NJ

Posted by: Cooper Pest

When thinking of summer, you might imagine relaxing days by the pool, barbecues with your friends and family, throwing the ball with your dog in the backyard, or sitting outside and enjoying the warm breeze. What happens when you add pests into this picture? 

What pests are common in summer? 

Do you remember smacking mosquitoes off of your arm by the pool, being stung by yellow jackets at your family barbeques, pulling ticks off of your dog after playing outside, or watching ants climb to the side of your lawn chair? Sometimes nature can ruin what would have been a pleasant summer memory.

Do you experience pests at your Spotswood, NJ home each summer? You aren’t alone! New Jersey is home to recurring insect infestations when the weather begins to warm up. Learn more about the most common pests to the Spotswood, NJ area below.


Mosquitoes are flying insects that are most memorable for their ability to bite your skin and leave itchy welts behind. A common mosquito in the Spotswood, NJ area is the Asian tiger mosquito.

Mosquito Spotswood, NJ.jpg

Asian Tiger Mosquito                            Photo credit: Entomology Today

The Asian tiger mosquito can be a carrier of West Nile virus, dengue fever, and Chikungunya. It’s important to protect yourself to avoid the risks of these pests. The CDC suggests “Wear long sleeve shirts, long pants, socks and shoes when mosquitoes are most active. Apply repellents such as DEET, picaridin, oil of lemon eucalyptus or IR3535 only to exposed skin and/or clothing (as directed on the product label). Do not use repellents under clothing.”

Cooper Pest Solutions provides our Bite-Free Mosquito Program to Spotswood, NJ residents to prevent mosquito populations from increasing their presence around your home. A set of monthly applications to your yard creates an invisible barrier, discouraging mosquitoes to enter. To learn more about our Bite-Free Mosquito Program, click here.



Ticks In Spotswood, NJ.jpg

Ticks are commonly found in tall grasses or if your yard is backed up to woods (a wood line.) They are a silent predator, waiting within vegetation for a host to pass by. When a host such as a dog or human passes by, the tick latches on and feeds on the host’s blood. Ticks pose a serious risk of Lyme disease and other bloodborne illnesses and diseases. Controlling ticks on your own can be incredibly difficult because they are solitary. The source can be challenging to locate without extermination in Spotswood, NJ.

We offer a targeted tick treatment each summer to secure your property from potential infestations. While many companies focus on trying to treat ticks by providing large-scale turf applications, Cooper knows that ticks live and breed in the un-manicured areas around your home, and this is how we treat. Cooper’s methodology is much more effective and uses much less pesticide. To learn more about our tick services in Spotswood, NJ click here.

Stinging Insects

Wasp Spotswood, NJ.jpg

Stinging insects such as wasps and hornets are most active in the summer. You may be seeing nests in the eaves of your home, up in trees and bushes, or swing set, which indicates wasp activity. Although they are not innately aggressive, wasps will sting if they feel threatened. Yellow jackets can be found flying in and out of holes in the ground, making their location highly susceptible to unsuspecting feet or paws. Professional pest control is always suggested to avoid potential stings that can result in allergic reactions.

Cooper Pest Solutions uses stinging insect biology against them, tracking their patterns and learning how to treat each nest individually. When a technician arrives at your home, they will be wearing protective gear to avoid being stung. They will use materials to penetrate the hornet nest and reduce the population. The next step is to safely remove the nest and dispose of it in a cleanly and effective manor to avoid leaving residue on your property. Our technicians always make sure that you are part of the decision, informing you their exact procedures every step of the way.

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Ant Removal Spotswood, NJ.jpg

Ants are the most common pest that our customers in New Jersey and Pennsylvania experience in the summer. Carpenter ants and nuisance ants could be found in and around your home, most likely being found in your kitchen, bathroom, basement, outside deck, paved areas, picnic tables, lawn chairs, and more. Although many DIY treatments can be found on the internet, only pest control professionals can ensure that ant extermination meets your needs.

Cooper Pest Solutions uses ant biology against them by identifying their trails and sources. Targeted applications set us apart from most pest control and lawn care companies that sprinkle pesticides over your entire lawn, hoping for the best. Our methods are proven by science and backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. 

Our One-Time Ant Control Service targets the root of the ant activity in your home and stops ants in their tracks. A combination of protective barrier around the exterior of your home and gel baiting indoors guarantees our service for 90 days. There is no need for an inspection for small nuisance ants. Schedule online today for same day or next day service.

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For residents with an active Carpenter Ant infestation at home, the Cooper Carpenter Ant SystemTM focuses on eliminating active ant colonies. Detailed inspections are performed to locate Carpenter Ant trails and with pinpoint accuracy, our pest management professionals deliver the system. The ants feed on the bait, taking it back to the colony where it is fed to other ants, thus destroying the colony. The system includes identifying carpenter ant trails, utilizing baits and traditional materials as necessary. The program is available only through Cooper Pest Solutions.

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Where can I find pest control near me?

Cooper Pest Solutions specializes in pest control in Spotswood, NJ. Our summer services allow our customers to enjoy their yards without the worry of pests such as mosquitoes, ticks, wasps, yellow jackets, or ants. We believe that everyone deserves to live pest-free, so we work hard every day to achieve that goal. Year after year we are regarded as the best pest control company in Middlesex County from our clients. Cooper services Spotswood, NJ and the surrounding communities such as Jamesburg, NJ, East Brunswick, NJ, and Helmetta, NJ.

Why should I choose Cooper for pest control in Spotswood, NJ?

Cooper Pest Solutions has been a staple of the local community since 1955. Our dedication to excellent customer service has positioned us as a leader in the pest control industry both nationally and throughout New Jersey and Pennsylvania. As a Cooper client, you will receive service from highly skilled and trained technicians, who go through rigorous exams each year for proper licensing. This ensures that you are always getting the best priced pest control for the unmatched quality we provide. Our company is based on science, providing you the most effective and successful pest control in Middlesex County.

When can you start?

Most pest control services in Spotswood, NJ can begin the same week that you call us. We are prepared to handle even your toughest pest problem with professionalism. Pest problems can be a sensitive and anxious issue. We understand and are prepared to treat your unique issue with care and consideration.

Our customer service team is ready for your call. Contact us at 800-949-2667 today.

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