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Pest Control in Feasterville, PA

Posted by: Cooper Pest

Pests come in all shapes and sizes, leaving anyone vulnerable to their presence, and Pennsylvania is no exception. Bucks County, PA is full of bugs and other unwanted critters. Thanks to the experts at Cooper Pest Solutions, you can worry-free know that our professional technicians are only a phone call away.

As the seasons change, so do the pests you have to look out for. Some go into hiding during the summer or over-winter once the temperatures drop. Being informed helps you identify and prevent pests you may encounter year-round.

Winter:  The most common in-home disturbance during the winter are mice. Mice seek shelter in the winter from the frost. As their food supply dies off in the cold, so do their chances of survival. Your home can be the perfect breeding ground for mice to feed, stay warm, and reproduce. Look out for pellet-shaped droppings and small tears in your cereal boxes or other pantry items.

Spring:  As the snow thaws, pests that you may have forgotten about start to resurface. One of the most common pests in spring time are carpenter bees and termites. While both pests are attracted to wood, the main difference is that the carpenter bees only cause aesthetic damage and do not damage the structure of your home like termites.

Summer:  Mosquitoes and Wasps are usually the first pests to come to mind when you think about the summer. Mosquitoes usually breed around bodies of water but have been known to lurk anywhere after they are born. 

Early fall:  Yellow jackets are one of the most common pests in the early fall. They can be identified by the yellow and black stripes along their bodies. Aggressive in nature, yellow jackets are known to painfully sting humans. To avoid encountering yellow jackets, avoid wearing brightly colored clothing and strong perfume. 

If you see the signs of any of the pest activities listed above, please call Cooper Pest Solutions, the #1 pest control service in Feasterville, PA and all of Bucks County, PA.

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