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Mosquito Free Program Announcement

Posted by: Cooper Pest

Some exciting things are happening at Cooper these days and we are pleased to announce our new Mosquito Free Program.

The Cooper Mosquito Free Program was designed by our staff entomologists to provide you with a bite free yard throughout the summer. Since the mosquito season is fast-approaching, we would like to provide our customers with an opportunity to reserve our Mosquito Free Program.

The way our Mosquito Free Program works is that for a fixed price all summer, we guarantee a bite free yard. Although, we cannot prevent an occasional mosquito entering the yard and biting you, our treatment is so effective that you will be able to take back and enjoy your yard. We will leave it to you to determine if we have achieved this. If, between service intervals, an unacceptable number of bites begin to occur, then Cooper will return to your house and render additional service at no charge. In most situations, our four week interval will maintain the mosquito free environment but if it fails, you have the assurance of receiving as many additional services as necessary to maintain your bite free yard at no additional cost.

Enjoy your backyard all summer without being annoyed by mosquitoes, order your Mosquito Free Program today at http://www.cooperpest.com/pests/mosquitoes

Kind Regards,
Phil Cooper, CEO

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