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Let TermAware™ Help Terminate those Termites!

Posted by: Cooper Pest

Termites are one of the most destructive pests of homes, especially when not properly addressed. They can cause extensive damage and even more so, headaches for the homeowners when it comes to getting rid of them.


Termite Treatment

Source: Cooper Pest Solutions

Although there are DIY termite bait stations available for consumers, the time, patience and persistence needed to properly treat termites can cause even more stress for the homeowners. Even when properly placed throughout a property, there are no guarantees the termites will be eliminated.

Since monitoring for termites can be difficult and very time-consuming for homeowners to do on their own, Cooper Pest Solutions offers our exclusive TermAware™ program.

TermAware™ is a termite program that is designed to monitor for termite activity near the home. Once TermAware™ monitors are installed throughout the property, skilled technicians will inspect the monitors during the spring, summer and fall. At the time of each visit, a detailed inspection report is provided for the homeowner. In the winter, trained technicians will inspect the interior of the home for any signs of termites. If termite activity is identified, Cooper Pest Solutions will respond with the appropriate treatment.

The goal of the TermAware™ program is to continuously monitor and detect termites, so they can be treated early on. There is a one-time cost for active termites, but after all pre-existing termites have been successfully removed and the homeowner is participating in the TermAware™ preventative program, all necessary treatments are free of charge. If no pre-existing termite activity exists, Cooper Pest Solutions will treat the problem at no extra cost if termites are detected in a monitor or within the home.

With enrollment in the preventative TermAware™ program, homeowners will receive a TermAware™ Certificate of Protection complete with a damage warranty for home repairs should termite damage occur.

Termite Certificate

Cooper Pest Solutions designed the TermAware™ program to be the most comprehensive termite service that the pest industry currently has to offer. TermAware™ incorporates the latest technology in termite detection with proven treatment products and methods to provide the homeowner a peace of mind.

If you are concerned about termites on your NJ or PA property, be sure to give Cooper Pest Solutions a call to discuss the TermAware™ program. Our trained technicians will properly inspect your home for any termite activity and determine the necessary treatment to provide you with a peace of mind. 

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