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Tips to keep flies out of your home

Posted by: Cooper Pest

Flies can be a real bother in the summer time.  They love the inside of your house; it has food, warmth, and provides escape from inclement weather.  They can range from bothersome to flat out unhygienic. But what can you do to prevent these pesky invaders? Here are a couple tips to make sure your home is not a resort for flies.

Prevent them from entering- Put screens in windows and doors to prevent bugs and other unwanted guests from flying in. Make sure the mesh has no holes, and keep an eye on the condition of the mesh.

Remove any food source- Always be mindful of open containers of food, including pet food. Try and wash your dishes after using them, and wipe the counter down to prevent crumbs from attracting flies.  Also keep garbage bags or baskets tightly shut, as this is a hot spot for flies to breed.

Fly Paper- Sticky paper can be effective, but especially when the population is low.  If you can remove most of the major breeding sites by practicing proper removal of food sources, a few sticky papers can do a nice job of keeping your house fly free.

Garden- If you have any fruit or vegetable plants in your yard, make sure to remove fallen fruit or vegetables. Overripe items can provide a perfect attraction for flies, which will lead to them breeding.

Pets- Make sure to clean up after your pet, especially if you have a cat who goes in the house, as any fresh animal feces will attract flies.

Pesticides- Spraying chemicals around and in your house should not be taken lightly, and although they can be effective, it should be used as a last line of defense. If the problem is so severe that this step is required, please give Cooper Pest Solutions a call.

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