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How Much Does It Cost to Get Rid of Mosquitoes?

Posted by: Cooper Pest

Quite often we get asked why there is such a wide variation in the cost of mosquito treatment and how does Cooper Pest Solutions arrive at their charge? There are a lot of different factors that go into mosquito pricing that you may want to consider as a consumer.

Mosquito Control Treatment Options

Most pest control companies offer a few different mosquito control treatments. Usually, the services include a seasonal treatment, where they return every few weeks to spray. They also may offer a one-time service, which is typically done for special events like weddings or parties.

  • One-time service for special events

What’s included in a Mosquito Service?

The Bite-Free Mosquito Plan at Cooper Pest Solutions is a service that is offered between May and September, which primarily targets the Asian tiger mosquito (scientific name Aedes albopictus). Once per month, a technician will come out to your home and use a mister to treat resting areas around your property. The vegetation around the perimeter of the home in addition to beneath decks and other outdoor shaded areas will be treated as well.

They will also use a growth regulator in areas where the water can pool, which usually makes an ideal location to lay eggs. At the conclusion of the service, the technician will do an inspection of the property and make any additional recommendations to eliminate potential breeding areas. 

If at any time during the monthly services you are noticing an increase in mosquito activity, a technician will return and conduct an additional treatment free of charge. 

The one-time service for events includes the same procedure as the Bite-Free Mosquito Plan, but it is only a single application and not applied on a recurring basis.

How Much Does it Cost to Remove Mosquitos for an Entire Season?            There are several factors that go into determining the cost of mosquito control for an entire summer season. At Cooper Pest Solutions, we determine our pricing based on the following factors:

  • Property size
  • Frequency
  • Initial treatment date

Pricing for mosquito services at Cooper Pest Solutions will vary depending on the property size.

  • Prices start around $325
  • The average price for seasonal mosquito control is $350-$500 for an average property ( ¼ of an acre to ½ of an acre)
Frequency of Mosquito Services

The frequency of service calls also plays an important factor in seasonal mosquito control pricing. Cooper Pest Solutions has determined that monthly intervals are crucial in controlling the mosquitoes. Although if you are being bitted between the monthly services, those additional service calls will not acquire an additional cost; they are included in your seasonal price.

On the other hand, if you start your seasonal treatment later in the summer, your price may go down. Even though Cooper Pest Solutions highly recommends the consumer to start their treatment beginning in May, you can start at any time and your price may reflect that change.

Does the Cost Change if I Start Later in the Season for Mosquito Control?  When it comes to the seasonal mosquito service, you can start whenever you want. Unlike other pest control services, mosquito treatment is not cumulative in nature. That being said, it doesn’t mean that if you start in May it’ll be more effective for you than if you start in July. It will be just as effective if you start treatment in July as if you would have started in May, as recommended.

Price Changes for Seasonal Service based on a ¼ acre property:

  • $325 for a full season starting in May
  • $270 for a full season starting in June
  • $216 for a full season starting in July
  • $108 for a full season starting in August

The only problem associated with starting later in the season is the fact that you won’t get the full effect of having a “bite-free” backyard all summer long. If you start in June, July or August, you would have to endure all the mosquito bite possibilities from those months leading up to your first service.

The prices will go down for a seasonal treatment as the summer progresses because we won’t be coming out to treat as often. Once you start the treatment it works, regardless of when you start. As long as it is within the season, it will work, but why would you want to wait?

How Much Does Mosquito Control Cost for a One-time Event?

Perhaps you are planning a graduation party in your backyard this summer and you’re concerned about your guest being bitten during the function, a one-time mosquito treatment may help ease your mind in that respect.

Whether you have a seasonal mosquito service or are getting a one-time event service, the procedures and effectiveness of both treatments are the same. The one-time service will encompass everything that a seasonal service provides, the only difference is that it is a single service.

A one-time event price ranges from $162 to $250 for an average yard (¼ of an acre to ½ of an acre property).

The cost of a one-time service is determined by the evaluation of the property. The price is also higher because it is a single service.

Limitations of Mosquito Services (one-time or seasonal)

There are several limitations of any mosquito service that should be aware to the consumer. Below is a list of what consumers should know in regards to what the mosquito services CANNOT control.

What to Be Aware of with a Mosquito Service:

  • Gnats CANNOT be prevented from biting. Grass is not treated for a mosquito service since they do not typically rest in grass and gnats are a grass-based insect.
  • Does NOT TREAT for Culex pipiens, a nighttime mosquito that usually resides in tall trees. The service only focuses on the Asian tiger mosquito, a daytime biter.
  • Asian tiger mosquitos vary from property to property so even if you treat and remove the mosquitos from your yard, your neighbor will still have the mosquitos in their yard.

And the number one thing to remember with any mosquito treatment is:

  • Even though you may have treated for mosquitoes that DOES NOT mean you’ll never encounter a mosquito in your backyard ever again. The treatment is NOT a glass dome above your backyard.

The service is designed to reduce the number of Asian tiger mosquitoes in your backyard that might bite you or your family. Mosquitoes can still fly from yard to yard, so there are chances you may encounter them. Night-time biters, like the Culex pipiens, are NOT treated with any mosquito service. That species is taken care of through mosquito commissions.

Why Do Mosquito Control Costs Vary Between Companies?    

There are some factors that can contribute to varying prices among pest control companies including frequency, equipment used, education of technicians, and materials used.

Frequency Cost Comparison

Through research and collaboration with our on-staff entomologists, Cooper Pest Solutions has determined that the most effective time interval for mosquito treatments is once per month. You may find some companies go less than monthly, which will definitely drive the cost of their services down.

In addition to how often a pest company services for mosquitos, when they start servicing will also contribute to price reduction. Some pest companies may feel the need to start mosquito services in April as opposed to May. That could be a reason for their cost as compared to Cooper’s.

Equipment Cost Comparison

Equipment, as well as materials, play a huge role in any pest control service. When it comes to mosquitos, if a company is using a compressed air sprayer or backpack, their mosquito cost may be lower since that equipment is more cost-efficient.

Other companies, like Cooper Pest Solutions, may use a steel blower mister, which will drive their price up because it is a more expensive tool but it provides better coverage of the entire insecticide.

Technician Training Cost

When you hire a pest control company for your mosquito treatment, you expect the technician to be well versed in everything mosquitoes, however, that may not be the case. Most pest control companies don’t have the time or resources to thoroughly train their technicians on all aspects of every pest, including mosquitoes.

At Cooper Pest Solutions, we believe extensive training is crucial to success. Cooper’s technicians are trained on the biology and behavior of mosquitoes to help them better understand breeding grounds and how to effectively deliver the mosquito services. Since this takes time and resources, mosquito service prices will reflect it.

Cost Comparison of Materials

Pest control companies will use different materials to conduct their mosquito services. They also may have available “add-ons” to their services rather than being all-inclusive. These all play a factor in price determination.

Unlike most pest control companies, Cooper offers a larvicide with its mosquito services. This may be an “add-on” for most companies. Since larvicide is included in the price that will draw the cost up compared to their competitors, however, Cooper Pest Solutions believes it to be a necessity when it comes to the effectiveness of the mosquito service.

Prevent Mosquitos Early with Cooper Pest Solutions

Mosquitoes can be pesky, annoying insects that can put a damper on your summer, but you can eliminate that unwanted pest from all your backyard summer activities by having a mosquito service in place.

By using the latest science and research behind Cooper Pest Solutions’ mosquito program, it allows them to offer a guaranteed bite-free yard all summer long, whereas most other companies do not offer this guarantee. Save yourself from the bites and citronella candle purchases by having a mosquito service in place early. You’ll thank yourself by the time your 4th of July barbecue rolls around.

The Bite-Free Mosquito Plan can be scheduled online for seasonal coverage and fast technician dispatch. Click below to get started.

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