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How Can I Protect My Home from Termites?

Posted by: Cooper Pest

Spring is here, and that means so are termites! Although termites are often viewed negatively, their place in the ecosystem is critical. Termites have an important role by helping speed up the process of deterioration through turning dead wood into soil. Termites might have a vital role in the ecosystem, but not so much inside your home. 

Not Sure if You Have Termites? (Proactive Monitoring)

Since termites can cause extensive damage, proactive monitoring can help indicate when and if an infestation is occurring. Depending on your property, Cooper’s trained technicians will determine which termite service will be the most beneficial for your home. When it comes to proactive monitoring, Cooper Pest Solutions offers two programs; the TermAware™ program and Sentricon Always Active monitoring service.

The TermAware™ monitoring program, which is exclusive to Cooper Pest Solutions, is a termite monitoring program that is designed to keep termites from initially infesting and damaging your home. After TermAware™ monitors are installed on your property, skilled technicians will inspect every monitor each spring, summer and fall. You will then receive written inspection reports with each visit.  In the winter, technicians will inspect the interior of your home for any signs that termites have made it past the sensors undetected. If termite activity is determined, Cooper will respond immediately with appropriate treatment. With a proactive TermAware™ service, you will receive coverage for any future termite problems once Cooper has ascertained that there are no pre-existing conditions.

Although the Sentricon® service can be used reactively with its baiting stations, it can also be used as a monitoring service, which is often the choice for homeowners whose properties do not qualify for the TermAware™ program. Similarly to the TermAware™ program, the Sentricon® monitors are installed throughout the property. The Sentricon® service includes two inspections a year for a minimum of two years.  

Already Have a Termite Problem? (Reactive Services)


If you currently have termite activity, you have a few different service options on how to address the infestation. The Sentricon® baiting station service is a great option for properties that cannot, or do not want to use the traditional liquid termite treatments due to various restrictions.

Liquid Treatment

Your home may qualify to receive the traditional liquid termite treatment. This treatment entails having our skilled technicians trench and rod the ground around the exterior of your home, as well as drill through concrete that is against the home. Termiticide will then be distributed in the ground around the perimeter of the home and adjacent to the foundation.

At the onset of the liquid treatment, TermAware™ monitors are installed throughout the property for continuous monitoring during the first year. After the termites have been eliminated from your property, you would then be enrolled in the TermAware™ proactive monitoring program. This program will help detect any future infestations at the perimeter of the property before the termites have the ability to enter the home.

Continuous Monitoring

Ongoing monitoring is key for detecting and preventing future infestations with termites. You can use either Sentricon® Monitoring service or continuation of Cooper Pest Solutions’ exclusive proactive TermAware™ program.

Our skilled technicians understand the importance of monitors when it comes to termites. By utilizing current research from leading industry experts, our technicians have the knowledge of what the most successful treatment and preventative protocols are for termites. For instance, Cooper’s technicians understand that monitors should be placed at 10 feet intervals based off of research from Dr. Nan-Yao Su at the University of Florida. You may find that other pest control companies only place monitors at the corners of properties, making them less effective according to Dr. Nan-Yao Su’s research. His research was the basis for the Dow’s Sentricon® Monitoring System and Cooper’s TermAware™ System.

Exclusively through the TermAware™ program, you can receive a TermAware™ Certificate of Protection valid six months after initial treatment. The protection is valid as long as the TermAware™ monitoring program is in effect. The TermAware™ Certificate of Protection serves as insurance against termite damage that may occur from a new termite infestation and will cover necessary home repairs.

At Cooper Pest Solutions, we will work diligently to get your home or property free of termites. 

If you live in NJ or PA, Cooper Pest Solutions can help with all your pest needs. Be sure to give us a call at 1-800-949-2667 and we will provide you with a peace of mind. Bugs are smart, but we’re smarter! 

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