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Flea control in NJ and PA

Posted by: Cooper Pest

Do you own a dog or cat? If so you probably already know the dangers that fleas can impose on your pets and family. Pest control is becoming more and more valuable when problems such as flea infestations are taking over your home.

Fleas originate anywhere outdoors where there are high temperatures and moisture. This means crawl spaces, mud, and grass are ideal breeding grounds for these nasty creatures. They then spread by laying nearly 50 eggs per day everywhere that they travel. But what’s the problem with fleas?

Fleas are tiny parasites that feed solely on the blood of a live host. They live for the chance to bite and cling on to your dog. Fleas inflict harm by constantly biting, leaving the animal itching and irritated. Jumping up to 6 inches in the air, fleas tend to infect an animal, lay eggs, and then move on to the nearest animal in sight. This can quickly spiral into mass chaos just from one walk around the block with your pet.

The problem doesn’t stop with your pet. Once fleas enter your home, they are nearly impossible to remove. Their uncanny ability to rapidly reproduce can also affect humans. Fleas seek out the blood of a live host, whether it be an animal or human. Effective pest control NJ can help reduce your flea infestation.

The first step to preventing fleas from entering your home is treating your pet with preventative medication. There are several companies that manufacture medication that specifically targets flea prevention. If you already have a flea problem, make sure to call the pest control NJ specialists at Cooper Pest Solutions. We will dispatch a skilled technician to treat the affected areas of your home. Simultaneously, your pet must receive a flea dip to kill all of the fleas currently hosting on their skin.

Learn more about fleas and our treatment options by visiting our flea page.

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