How Do I Choose a Manalapan, NJ Exterminator?

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Is your Manalapan, NJ home in need of a pest control professional but you are unsure who to call? There are so many options when it comes to extermination or pest control. However, it is best first to understand what the difference is between exterminators and pest control professionals.

Exterminators or Pest Control…What do I need?

There are several key differences between exterminators and pest management professionals. Although the end goal for both is the same by eliminating the unwanted pests, the way exterminators and pest control companies go about that can be very different.

Exterminators rely on pesticides to eliminate the unwanted pests, using chemicals that could be more toxic than necessary whereas a pest control professional will focus on why the pests are present and look to alter the conditions that attracted them in the first place.

If chemicals become necessary, the pest management professional will use more environmentally friendly products to get rid of the pests. Pest control companies tend to use products that are just as effective on the bugs but have little odor, are much less toxic to humans and pets and are applied in a very targeted fashion. Some treatments even completely eliminate the use of pesticides. 

The biggest difference is that pest management professionals look for long-term solutions, rather than simply spraying chemicals to kill the pests you see.

What are Common of Pest Does Manalapan, NJ?

Manalapan homeowners deal with a variety of pests, so when you are hiring an exterminator or pest control company, you want to ensure that they are well-versed in dealing with a wide-range of pests.

Some common household pests that Manalapan homeowners typically deal with are:

  • Ants
  • Termites
  • Mosquitoes
  • Stink bugs
  • Mice
  • Carpenter bees
  • Wasps and Yellow Jackets
  • Bed bugs

With each of these pests, there are specific ways that their eradication needs to be addressed. You cannot treat an ant problem the same way you would treat for termites, in fact, there are even differences in how different types of ants are best controlled. At Cooper Pest Solutions, we believe to effectively eliminate unwanted pests is to understand the biology and behavior of the bug.

We have specifically designed programs by our staff entomologists to prevent and eliminate all different types of pests based on scientific research. We understand the importance pests have on the environment, and we take that into consideration when we are designing our programs and treating your home.

Can I Purchase a Year-round Prevention for my Manalapan, NJ Home?

If you are looking to prevent your home from many of the common household crawling and stinging insects as well as rodents, Cooper Pest Solutions offers two different year-round preventive services.

Cooper Pest Solutions’ most popular service among their clients is the Home Intensive Service Plan. This plan is a preventive pest and rodent program for homeowners who want year-round protection. The service plan includes four preventive services per year. Each service includes a detailed 30-point inspection report with detailed findings as well as providing you with important recommendations for your home. Each year you will receive three exterior maintenance services (March – November) and one interior service (December – February). 

The Home Traditional Service Plan from Cooper Pest Solutions is also valuable for Manalapan, NJ homeowners who want protection from common crawling insects and mice. The Traditional Service Plan includes the same four preventive services a year like the Intensive Service Plan, however, there are several pests excluded from the Traditional plan.

There are a few differences between the two service plans, including the amount of pests included in the service plan. The Home Intensive Service Plan includes Carpenter Ants, several stinging insects like wasps, fleas, and much more. The Home Intensive Service Plan also includes any trimming or pruning that would encourage pest entry into the home. Additionally, the Intensive Service Plan includes other structures that may be prone to pest activity on your property, such as playsets, sheds, mailboxes, or pool houses.

Depending on your needs and budget, Cooper Pest Solutions will determine what service plan will best fit your needs.

Can I Purchase a One-time Service or Pest Specific Service?

Unlike many other exterminators or pest control companies, Cooper Pest Solutions does offer their clients the option to purchase one-time services. If you have one specific pest that you’re being bothered by, such as ants, you can enroll in a one-time service.

One-Time Mouse Control Service

Cooper’s One-Time Mouse Control Service is the best solution for situations where mice are currently active. This service is not preventative but instead, treats the existing pest infestation. Bait stations are strategically placed to target where mouse activity is highest. Common bait station placements include garages, attics, and kitchens. These stations are made to be tamper-resistant, preventing humans from opening them and pets from chewing through them.

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One-Time Wasp Nest Removal

Cooper’s One-Time Wasp Nest Removal treats existing hornet, yellow jacket, paper wasp, and mud wasp nests at your home. A technician will visit your home in preventative gear to treat the nest to eliminate stinging insect activity.

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One-Time Ant Control Service

Cooper's One-Time Ant Control Service targets small nuisance ants and eliminates the populations in your kitchen, bathroom, or any other area they are being seen. We will create a protective barrier home by applying treatments to the exterior foundation of your home. In addition, gel baiting will be placed in discrete areas where ant activity is high indoors. Common placements for gel bait include window frames, pipe chases, and base boards.

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For residents with an active Carpenter Ant infestation at home, the Cooper Carpenter Ant SystemTM focuses on eliminating active ant colonies. Detailed inspections are performed to locate Carpenter Ant trails and with pinpoint accuracy, our pest management professionals deliver the system. The ants feed on the bait, taking it back to the colony where it is fed to other ants, thus destroying the colony. The system includes identifying carpenter ant trails, utilizing baits and traditional materials as necessary. The program is available only through Cooper Pest Solutions.

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However, perhaps your Manalapan, NJ home has a problem with ants every year and your DIY efforts are failing, you can enroll in a prevention plan. For many troublesome pests like ants, wasps, carpenter bees, mosquitoes, and much more, Cooper offers elimination and prevention programs for homeowners. These programs are scientifically designed to target and prevent the specific unwanted pest.

Why Should I Choose Cooper Pest Solutions?

Cooper Pest Solutions is a unique pest control company in that we believe it is crucial to understand the biology and behavior of pests to effectively eliminate and prevent them. We use scientifically proven methods to develop our pest-specific treatments. Our staff entomologists are constantly researching and finding new, improved ways to successfully eradicate unwanted pests with little to no pesticide applications.

Cooper Pest Solutions is dedicated to providing their customers with the most effective treatments along with unrivaled customer service.

For more information on any of Cooper’s services, you can call 1-800-949-2667 or fill out our FREE estimate form.

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