Do You See Spiders In Your Monroe, NJ Home?

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For many people, finding any bug in their home can irritate them, however, if that bug happens to be a spider more than likely it is getting killed immediately by the sole of a shoe. Unfortunately, this is an all too common way of death for many spiders but you don’t have to resort to grabbing a shoe to kill them, instead just prevent them from making their way into your Monroe, NJ home.

How Do Spiders Get Into My Home?

With the changing of the seasons, spiders are making their way indoors but it’s not necessarily because they enjoy terrifying you at 5 a.m. when you’re getting ready for work. Actually, for the most part, the way they get into your Monroe home is by searching for food.

Spiders enter homes through the many gaps that exist in your Monroe, NJ home’s construction. The number of spiders that look to enter your home increases during the onset of cooler temperatures during the fall months. If you happen to live in a wooded area or have a garden near the base of your foundation, you can be more prone to having spider activity in your home since spiders are more prevalent in those types of environments. Spiders are generally attracted to areas that are damp or dark, such as basements or gutters but you can still find them in dry, warm areas of your home.

More common ways spiders enter homes is by entering through poorly screened windows and doors or through cracks and gaps around door or window frames and poorly sealed utility entry points. Another common way spiders enter a home is by hitchhiking on boxes, outdoor items as well as other numerous items that are brought inside of a home from the outdoors.

What Can I Do to Keep the Spiders Out?

There are a number of DIY tricks you can do to help reduce the number of spiders that enter your Monroe, NJ home.

  • Seal Gaps and Openings: The best way to keep spiders out of your home is by preventing their entry through gaps and openings around doors, window sills, attic vents and utility entry points. Small gaps can be sealed up with caulk or weather stripping, while window screening can be used to exclude spiders from entering through attic vents. Also be sure to fix any screening that may be damaged.
  • Switch Your Lights: By switching the color of your outdoors lights to yellow you will greatly reduce the number of insects that are attracted to it, which in return will reduce the number of spiders near your home. This is especially important during the warmer months when spiders are using your lights as a way to hunt for prey.
  • Organize: Cluttered places are ideal locations for spiders to make their home in your home. Keep your home organized and clean by reducing your clutter, including cardboard, boxes and firewood, to keep your home free of spiders.
  • Landscape: Not only will cleaning up grass clippings, leaves and pruning bushes keep the spiders out but you’ll also reduce the number of other insects that like living in those type of environments from entering your home. To reduce more spiders and other insect that love damp, dark locations, do not use riverbed rocks as your landscaping material near the foundation of your home. Spiders are also abundant in stacked firewood, so be sure to store firewood away from the home and check it before bringing wood in to burn the fireplace.

Can I Prevent Spiders from Entering My Monroe, NJ Home?

Preventing spiders from getting into your Monroe, NJ home is possible with Cooper Pest Solutions. Since spiders are very common, the best way to reduce their presence in your home is to remove their food source. An area that is not hospitable to insects will not be nearly so attractive to spiders, which is why Cooper Pest Solutions recommends their Home Traditional and Home Intensive services.

Cooper’s Home Traditional and Home Intensive services are quarterly maintenance programs that treat for a variety of common household pests, including spiders.

The Home Traditional Service Plan provides preventive pest and rodent control for your home, year round. As part of your plan, you will receive four services per year. Each year you will receive three exterior maintenance services and one interior service performed during the winter months.

The Home Intensive Service Plan includes four preventive services per year, just like the Home Traditional Service Plan. Each service is unique and will be accompanied by a detailed 30-point inspection report with detailed findings as well as providing you with important recommendations for your home.

The Home Intensive Service Plan includes a much more detailed coverage of pests and home structures than the Home Traditional. In regards to spiders, if you have the Home Intensive Service Plan, a Cooper Pest Solution technician will take care of any necessary pruning or sealing of cracks around the foundation of your home to keep the spiders out.

If you are only concerned about eliminating spiders rather than other common pests and rodents, you can opt for a one-time service with a 90-day warranty of service through Cooper Pest Solutions.

If you’re ready to keep the spiders out of your Monroe, NJ home, give Cooper Pest Solutions a call at 1-949-2667 or fill out our free estimate form.

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