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Are Carpenter Bees Buzzing Around Your Home In Monroe, NJ?

Posted by: Cooper Pest

Carpenter bees are one of the most common pests in Monroe, NJ between the months of April and June. They become active when the weather starts to become warm which provides optimal conditions for reproduction. Once they find areas such as such as doors, windowsills, roof eaves, shingles, railings, telephone poles, and sometimes wooden lawn furniture, they begin to create tunnels within the structures to breed and rear their young.

What is the Difference Between Carpenter Bees and Bumble Bees?

Carpenter Bee Monroe NJ               Bumble Bee Monroe NJ

Carpenter Bee                                                                                         Bumble Bee

Carpenter bees can be identified by their shiny black abdomens, whereas bumble bees have fuzzy black abdomens. Nesting and flight patterns also distinguish the two, making proper species diagnoses simpler.  Although both species feel on pollen, only the carpenter bee creates damage to wooden structures. To learn more about carpenter bee and bumble bee identification, read our blog post here.

Why do I Have Carpenter Bees?

Carpenter bees are attracted to wood fixtures on and around your property. While they prefer natural softwoods that are untreated and unpainted, they can (and will) still nest in the wood used to build and side your house, deck, play set, to burrow and lay eggs. Very territorial and solitary creatures, carpenter bees return to the same nest year over year until professional intervention bars their entry. Other females have been known to nest in proximity, but tend to keep their own nest rather than trying to expand or take over another nest. This means that you could have multiple carpenter bee infestations at your home. As a byproduct of carpenter bee nesting, woodpecker activity may increase around your home. Carpenter bee larvae are a delicacy for woodpeckers so it’s very common that you may be hearing loud pecking sounds during carpenter bee infestations.

Signs of Carpenter Bees

If you are see bee activity on your property in Monroe, NJ, it’s important first to identify if you are in fact seeing a carpenter bee.

Carpenter bees take refuge in exposed wooded fixtures. The first thing you may notice are small holes drilled into your wood along your property that appear nearly perfectly circular in shape. This is the entry point created by the female to begin nesting and breeding. While burrowing into  the unpainted wood, carpenter bees kick out sawdust that looks like mud splatters, which are located under the entry point. This residue exists because carpenter bees do not eat wood. Excess from their initial drilling is left to stain around the nesting site.

Carpenter Bee Damage Monroe

Carpernter Bee Damage

Carpenter bees are most easily recognized by their erratic flight patterns. These bees are often seen diving and darting about as well as “chasing” one another in flight. Bumble bees are very similar in size and markings but do not fly in such jolting ways.

How Can I Prevent Carpenter Bees on my Property?

Carpenter bee removal is very difficult to perform on your own and is not advised. However, there are several preventative measures that you can take to avoid a potential carpenter bee issue.

  • Paint over any bare wood or exposed surfaces
  • Inspect your home for small, circular holes that appear to be drilled into wood
  • Seal or caulk any holes have fallen victim to carpenter bee activity in the fall after their activity has ended

While some people believe that carpenter bee damage is structural in nature, that is rarely the case and the damage is usually only aesthetic. Carpenter Bees are also more of a nuisance than anything else since the female is capable of stinging, but rarely does, and male Carpenter Bees do not have stingers. They are not known to enter homes and prefer to nest outside.

How Does Cooper Pest Solutions Control Carpenter Bees?

Treating current carpenter bee activity is the first step in eliminating your pest problem. A skilled Cooper Pest Solutions technician will come out to assess your unique problem to determine your needs and plan for extermination. Treatments will be applied to seal off the holes, so the carpenter bees are no longer able to reach their nests, forcing them to relocate. Carpenter bees are very territorial and will linger for about 30 days after treatment, trying to access their nest. After successful carpenter bee removal has been established, it is important to note that the same pests will return each spring in an attempt to build their nest at the same location. We offer both a preventative and reactive carpenter ant services in the early spring to ensure that Monroe, NJ customers’ homes are kept safe from structural damage all season long.

Carpenter Bee Control can now be scheduled online for fast technician dispatch! Click the button below to select the service date that works best for you with treatments beginning as soon as tomorrow! No inspection needed.

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