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Carpenter bees are small, destructive, flying insects that many residents of Cream Ridge, NJ face each spring and summer. Often confused with bumble bees, carpenter bees are a nuisance when it comes to enjoying your backyard when the weather becomes warm. Effective carpenter bee control can be difficult if preventative measures are not taken before they become active, and nearly impossible to treat on your own once they move in. Read our guide below to learn more about carpenter bee identification and what you can do to prevent carpenter bee activity at your home.

Do I have carpenter bees or bumble bees?

Carpenter Bee Or Bumble Bee Cream Ridge.jpg

Photo credit: NCSU Apiculture
One of the most common questions we receive from our clients is, “Do I have carpenter bees or bumble bees?” Carpenter bees and bumble bees look nearly identical at a quick glance, so it’s easy to see why they are easily mistaken for each other. There are several ways that you can differentiate carpenter bees from bumble bees.
Carpenter Bees                                                              Bumble Bees
Live within unfinished wooden structures                        Live in dry, hidden areas typically below ground
Smooth, shiny black abdomen                                        Fuzzy black abdomen
Erratic flight pattern                                                         Fly in a nearly straight line
Both carpenter bees and bumble bees are beneficial to the environment by cross-pollinating as flowers begin to grow in the spring. You are likely to see carpenter bees dipping and diving in erratic flight patterns, almost as if they are chasing each other. Bumble bees, on the other hand, move in almost straight lines, seeking out pollen and creating direct routes from their nest to close-by sources of food. This is the simplest way to differentiate the bees before you see any damage.

Although both carpenter bees and bumble bees are native to the Cream Ridge, NJ area, it’s carpenter bees that cause the most damage to your home.

Are carpenter bees common in Cream Ridge, NJ?

There are two main species of carpenter bees in the United States. Ceratina (smaller) and Xylocopa (larger) carpenter bees are likely to be found buzzing around your backyard this spring and summer. These pests are attracted to unfinished or unpainted wood around the exterior of your property such as decks, swing sets, wood siding, and other wooden structures. Our moderate climate is ideal for carpenter bee activity, allowing them to hibernate in the winter and emerge when it becomes warm for breeding.

What does carpenter bee damage look like?

Carpenter Bee Cream Ridge NJ.jpg

Photo Credit: PermaTreat

Damage left behind from carpenter bee activity is very distinct and unique to their species. Female carpenter bees mate with the males in the early spring when they emerge from hibernation. The females then actively search for shelter to create their habitat and lay eggs for the next generation in their lineage.

Carpenter bees seek out unpainted or unfinished wood around the outside of your home when selecting their nesting point. After a female selects the perfect spot, she chews through wood, creating an almost perfect circle, about ½ inch in size, as pictured above. In the process of creating the hole, she kicks out regurgitated wood, leaving what looks like a splatter of mud below. Although carpenter bee nesting may seem troublesome, the physical effects will most likely not cause any structural damage to your home. However, without professional pest management intervention, the female will return year after year to the same nesting place.

How can I exterminate carpenter bees at home?

Attempting to exterminate carpenter bees on your own can be a challenging and often futile process. The best thing you can do to prevent carpenter bees in Allentown, NJ is to take preventative measures.

Unfinished wood – Treat and/or paint all unfinished wood on and around your property.

Open carpenter bee holes – Seal off existing holes with caulk after the warm weather dies down in November

Carpenter bee activity – Inspect your home for carpenter bee activity on a regular basis.

If you are seeing current carpenter bee activity, it’s not advised that you try DIY remedies. Without the proper pest knowledge, it is possible that you could further agitate the nest. The most effective measure you can take is to call Cooper Pest Solutions.

Does Cooper Pest Solutions offer carpenter bee removal in Allentown, NJ?

Yes! The pest management professionals at Cooper Pest Solutions are highly skilled in carpenter bee biology and prevention tactics. Our knowledge of carpenter bee biology allows us to create cutting-edge treatments to successfully get rid of carpenter bees in your Cream Ridge, NJ home. The Cooper methodology is based on scientific research, unlike other carpenter bee service near Allentown, NJ. We offer a service that not only removes active carpenter bee infestations, but also prevents them from returning to drill again. If you are looking for a carpenter bee service in Allentown, NJ, look no further than Cooper Pest Solutions.

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