Are Cooper's services safe for children and pets?

Posted by: Cooper Pest

This is one of the frequently asked questions when a homeowner is inquiring about our services and we are glad to explain this in greater detail below.  Rest assured, all of our pest control services are designed with the safety of your family and pets in mind.

All the materials we use at Cooper Pest Solutions are carefully regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency and our technicians are state licensed and trained for the application of all materials we use. At Cooper we always practice environmentally conscious pest control and all pesticides are applied according to the label. All of the products used during our servicing of homes and business are classified as “low toxicity” and are no more toxic than pesticides sold in the local hardware store. The key to controlling pest problems is not the strength of the product, but rather the knowledge of the individual to use the tool correctly.

Not all pest problems require a pesticide, many can be solved without chemicals.  For those that do require a chemical, using the correct pesticide for the problem and applying it in the correct manner, assures that pest problems will be solved with the least amount of pesticide necessary.

So why not a simple answer of “yes” to the question “Are Cooper services safe for pets and children?” The reason is, the EPA prohibits us from saying any pesticide is “safe” because no chemical of any kind is safe to 100% of the population. Some individuals have hypersensitivities to fragrances, have allergies or intolerances to food items, or have unexpected reactions, not common in the rest of the population.

Let us know if you have any concerns about your pets or children, and rest assured that Cooper Pest Solutions provides services that are environmentally responsible and designed with the safety of your family and pets as the top priority. 

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