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Green Pest Control Services Now Available at Cooper Pest Solutions

Posted by: Cooper Pest

Cooper Pest Solutions announced the offering of a groundbreaking green pest control service for homeowners throughout New Jersey and Pennsylvania. 

Lawrenceville, NJDeveloped by leading entomologist Dr. Richard Cooper, the company believes that the environmental community will embrace this service with open arms.

“We believe there is a growing market of consumers that want to make a difference in the environment,” said
Phillip Cooper, CEO of Cooper Pest Solutions. “When we couple that with doing the right thing at Cooper Pest, the time is right for us to introduce our Green Home Service in addition to our Green Rodent Exclusion Service.”

Cooper explained that pest control, as well as other industries, claim to have “green” services but instead just hide behind the name. However, Cooper Pest is thrilled to provide a truly Green Home Service that will have everyone, including the environmental communities, excited about the program.

“As a company that lives tomorrow’s pest solutions today, we know the future is green,” said Dave Burgess, vice president of operations at Cooper Pest Solutions. “Some clients have asked for green services, and since the green products now available have become more effective than in the past, we’re able to effectively solve pest issues with our Green Pest Services.”

Even though Cooper Pest has always been environmentally conscious, the Green Home Service is the first complete service for homeowners that includes natural, botanical, eco-friendly, and organic materials to create a highly effective pest control service that’s friendly for families and pets.

“We had to do a lot of research on alternative pesticides and products because many of these options are not always very effective,” said Dr. Richard Cooper, staff entomologist at Cooper Pest Solutions. “So we had to really discover which of the alternatives we believed would meet the definition of ‘green’ but still provide an effective pest control program.”

After extensive research, Dr. Cooper worked to develop the Green Home Service, which would be effective for those who want pest control but are concerned about the effects of traditional pesticides with their family and pets.

“Green services have a completely different tool box than traditional pest control, with a whole different set of pesticide products than conventional,” Dr. Cooper said. “Traditional programs use a variety of synthetic classes of chemistry while most green products are naturally occurring materials.”

Dr. Cooper warns homeowners who believe they are receiving “green” services to check their pest control company’s list of chemicals currently being used to see if synthetic classes of chemistry are included.

“There are a lot of companies out there claiming to have a green service but when you look into the products they are using, it doesn’t differ much from the conventional pest control tool box,” he said. “Competitors are still using the synthetic pyrethroids and still using many of the conventional chemicals with only with a handful of the materials that we would consider ‘green.’ However, when you look at our list of green chemicals, all of them are natural botanical oils or earth-based products, or reduced risk materials with very low toxicity levels.”

The Green Home Service offered through Cooper Pest Solutions has been proven to be effective against a variety of insects, including ants, hornets, paper wasps, roaches, spiders, pill bugs, crickets, earwigs and many more.

Phillip Cooper explained that he is excited for the launch of the program as well as the future of the Green program, which he believes will continue to evolve.

“We’re not done,” he said. “This is just the beginning of the journey. We’re going to work extraordinarily hard to tweak this program and help it evolve. Our goal is for people, who might not traditionally use pest control, to fall in love with the green services that we offer.”

Although Cooper feels they will continue to work on evolving the Green service programs, he believes that their program can easily be a prototype for pest control companies to utilize across the country.

“I’m hopeful that we have created a groundbreaking Green Home Service that can be a bench mark for other pest control companies to deliver around the country,” he said. “I’m really proud of my Cooper team for bringing together different disciplines within the company to create a service that will make a difference in the environment and provide tremendous value to our clients and their homes.”

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