TermAware™ Termite Detection


There are enough things to worry about every day and termites should not be one of them. At Cooper, our job is to ensure that your home is termite-free and TermAware monitors are a great way to protect your home. After we install our TermAware™ monitors, our program includes 4 regular visits to your house. If we find termites in one of our monitors or in your homes, we will treat the problem as necessary and return monthly until we are confident that the problem has been eliminated.

Cooper designed the TermAware™ Program to be the most comprehensive termite service that the industry has to offer. Our program addressed the limitations that are posed when either a liquid treatment of baiting only system is used as the only means of control. TermAware™ incorporates the latest technology in termite detection with proven treatment products and methods to provide you an unparalled level of control and peace of mind. The combination of liquid treatment and preventative monitoring will eliminate the threats that exist today and identify the threats of tomorrow.

 TermAware™ Certificate of Protection


The goal of TermAware™ is to find termites and eliminate them before they ever reach your home. When we detect termites in a station or in the house during one of our regular inspections, we will treat the problem at no additional cost to you. The cost of treatment for active termites in your home is only a one- time expense when you are enrolled in our TermAware™ program. The value is even greater when you begin a preventative TermAware™ program. Once we have determined there is no pre-existing termite condition on your property, any treatment that is necessary is free.

TermAware™ Certificate of Protection is valid six months after the initial treatment. This protection is valid as long as the TermAware monitoring program is in effect. The Certificate of Protections functions as insurance against termite damage that may occur from a new termite infestation and will cover necessary home repairs.

Already have an existing termite agreement with another company? Contact us to see how to switch to TermAware™.