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One pest synonymous with summer is the mosquito. The blood-sucking insect can quickly ruin any fun outdoor activity or backyard barbecue in an instant, sending everyone indoors for the remainder of the evening. It seems like no matter how many citronella candles you have or tiki torches that are lit, can’t seem to keep these pesky insects away from you and your family.

Best Mosquito Service Robbinsville NJ

Before you lock yourself indoors all summer, there are professional mosquito control options available to bring back your summer freedom, but how do you know what pest control company to use?


Who are Mosquitoes More Attracted to?

How To Get Rid of Mosquitoes Robbinsville NJ

So before you decide on professional company to get rid of the mosquitoes in your backyard, you may be wondering why mosquitoes seem to prefer certain people over others to bite.

Science has seen that female mosquitoes (males do not bite), who need blood to fertilize their eggs, do prefer certain genetics which in terms will have others more susceptible to bites than those around them.


Components Shown to Possibly Attract Mosquitoes

There are some qualities that may seem more attracted to mosquitoes. If you’re prone to mosquito bites, this may be why:

  • Carbon Dioxide: If you give off a lot carbon dioxide, more mosquitoes will flock to you as that is one of their cues for a good host.
  • Heat: Heat is another attractant for mosquitoes which is why when people exercise and give off more body heat and carbon dioxide they are more susceptible to mosquito bites than others who haven’t.
  • Pregnancy: If you’re pregnant, you’re a prime host for a number of reasons. From the extra heat you give off to the addition carbon dioxide you exhale, mosquitoes are more likely to choose you over your partner.
  • Dark Clothing: If you’re wearing dark clothing you might actually stand out among the horizon which makes you a target for mosquitoes.
  • Alcohol: A small study showed that mosquitoes were more likely to land on a person who had a few beers over someone who hasn’t had any. Although the study showed a link between volunteers who had beer being bitten versus those who hadn’t, the science couldn’t prove a link. More studies will have to be conducted to determine if there is in fact a scientific link between beer guzzling and mosquito bites.

If you’re looking to keep the mosquitoes at bay, bug spray will be a sure-fire way to help. Most experts recommend that you use a bug spray with about 20 percent of DEET, which will help protect you for close to five hours. If you’re not fond of using DEET, there are plenty of other options available on the market but may be less effective so be sure to do some research on the repellents used in the spray.


Backyard Mosquito Breeding Locations

Mosquito Removal Robbinsville NJ

In order to effectively remove mosquitoes from your backyard, your pest control professional should understand the numerous locations that mosquitoes use to breed.

When you look closely at your backyard, there are a number of possible mosquito breeding locations since it only takes a small amount of stagnant water for a female to lay her eggs on. Dave Burgess, Vice President of Operations at Cooper Pest Solutions, explained that in order to reduce your mosquito numbers, you need to reduce the number of possible breeding grounds within you property.

“Eliminate stagnate water around the property,” Burgess said. “Although some mosquitoes can fly 10-20 miles from breeding areas, eliminating them on your property should drastically reduce the number of mosquitoes.”


Possible Mosquito Breeding Locations:
  • Gutters (clogged or uneven that does not quickly eliminate the water)
  • Corrugated down spout extensions
  • Planters and pots
  • Kids toys
  • Tires
  • Tarps
  • Areas around property that puddle after a rain
  • Open trash cans or buckets
  • Bird baths
  • Anything that will hold water after a rain

Burgess added that if you go out after a rain to inspect your property, be sure to dump any standing water to prevent any potential mosquito breeding grounds.


Professional Mosquito Control Services

Mosquito Control In Robbinsville NJ

There are a few different options for mosquito control that Cooper Pest Solutions offers to their clients. We have a seasonal service in addition to a one-time special event service. Depending on your needs, our technicians will deliver the service right for you and your home.


Seasonal Mosquito Control Treatments

At Cooper Pest Solutions, we believe you should be able to enjoy your backyard all summer long without having the worry about being bitten by mosquitoes. After extensive research and development, our staff entomologist Dr. Richard Cooper and Regional Manager Laura Dykes created the Mosquito-Free program to allow residents the ability to enjoy their yard all summer long without the worry of mosquitoes.

The Mosquito Free Program at Cooper Pest Solutions is a service that is offered between May and September, which primarily targets the Asian tiger mosquito (scientific name Aedes Albopictus). Every three weeks a technician will come out to your home to conduct an inspection, looking for areas where water can pool, which often makes an ideal breeding source for females to lay eggs. Your technician will eliminate breeding sources where water can easily emptied. Breeding sources that cannot be eliminated are treated with an insect growth regulator to prevent mosquito larvae from maturing to adults. Finally, the technician will use a mister to treat areas around your property used as resting sites by adult mosquitoes, such as vegetation around the perimeter of the home, beneath decks and other outdoor shaded areas that are attractive to adults mosquitoes.

“We treat all mosquito resting sites on a property and either remove or treat resting water areas with a larvicide,” said Sean McGuire, Director of Sales at Cooper Pest Solutions. “Asian tiger mosquitos can breed in stagnant water as small as a cap full of water, so eliminating and treating breeding sources are a crucial part of the program.”

If at any time during the three week intervals you are noticing and increase in mosquito activity, a technician will return and conduct an additional treatment free of charge. The next service will be conducted three weeks from that date.


One-time Special Event Mosquito Treatment

Perhaps you aren’t bothered by the mosquito bites you get from your yard, but you have a family reunion barbecue coming up that you don’t want your guests to worry about everyone being harassed and bitten by mosquitoes. If that is the case, then Cooper Pest Solutions’ One-Time Special Event service may be the better option for your needs.

The One-Time Special Event Mosquito Service has the same procedures and effectiveness on the mosquitoes that the seasonal treatment offers, the only difference is that it is a single application.


Pricing for Seasonal Mosquito Service vs. One-Time Service

Mosquito treatment pricing depends on a number of factors, however, a general breakdown of pricing is as follows:

  • Average property (¼ acre) for a full-season starting in May starts at $325. Pricing decreases as the summer progresses, however, treatment is still effective no matter when you begin your service.
  • Average property (¼ - ½ acre) for a one-time special event service pricing ranges from $175-$250.

Depending on your budget and needs, it may be a better value to select the seasonal service rather than a one-time application. Although it is suggested that seasonal service begin in May, it doesn’t hinder the effectiveness of the treatment if it is started later in the season.

“The prices will go down for a seasonal treatment as the summer progresses because we won’t be coming out to treat as often,” Phil Cooper said, CEO of Cooper Pest Solutions. “Once you start the treatment it works, regardless of when you start. As long as it is within the season, it will work, but why would you want to wait?”


Limitations of Professional Mosquito Control

Regardless of which pest control company you use to solve your mosquito problems, there are a few limitations that homeowners should be aware of when selecting a mosquito service.

  • Gnats CAN NOT be prevented from biting. Grass is not treated for a mosquito service since they do not typically rest in manicured grass and gnats are a grass-based insect.
  • Services DO NOT treat for Culex pipiens. This nighttime mosquito that usually resides in tall trees, which is typically sprayed for by mosquito commissions. Our service only focuses on the Asian tiger mosquito, a day-time biter.
  • The service only protects the property that is treated. Asian tiger mosquitoes vary from property to property so even if you treat and remove the mosquitoes from your yard, your neighbor will still have the mosquitoes in their yard.

One crucial thing to understand about any mosquito service is that even though you may have treated for mosquitoes that DOES NOT mean you’ll never encounter a mosquito in your backyard ever again. The treatment is NOT a glass dome above your backyard.


I’m Ready for a “Bite-Free” Backyard…Now What?

If you’re tired of dealing with mosquitoes in your backyard and want to be able to enjoy your summer, give Cooper Pest Solutions a call at 1-800-949-2667 or fill out our FREE ESTIMATE form. One of our knowledgeable representatives will discuss the options available to you and help you choose the best fit for your family. Why deal with those itchy, red bites any longer?! Contact Cooper Pest Solutions today.