Termite Misconceptions

The Misconceptions of a Termite Treatment: Few companies are willing to point out the truth behind termite treatments. At Cooper, we believe you should know how to make an educated decision about your termite treatment.

  • Liquid termite treatments will break down over time regardless of who does the treatment and what material is used. Your house will become vulnerable to future termites advances by the same or different termite colonies.
  • It is impossible to apply a perfect “barrier” around your home where every square inch of your foundation is covered. There will always be small gaps in a treatment that may allow termites into the structure unharmed.
  • It is probable that many termite colonies are living near the foundation of your home. Termites found in monitoring devices outside do not always attack a house.
  • Termite Damage is most often hidden within walls and may not be found during an interior inspection by the most skilled technicians.
  • Baiting programs are dependent upon termites finding the bait stations and then consuming the bait. Research has shown that termites randomly forage for food and it can sometimes take a long time for termites to locate and begin feeding on bait stations. Until they do, they can continue to damage your house. This is the greatest limitation to baiting programs that are not supplemented with other treatment technologies.
  • The optimal detection of termites is a monitoring device every ten feet.  Based upon research studies conducted by Dow AgroSciences, monitoring stations places only at corners or at intervals greater than ten feet apart are less likely to be discovered by termites foraging in the soil.

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