Hornet Nest Information for New Jersey & Pennsylvania Residents

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Two types of hornets are most common to the New Jersey and Pennsylvania area: Bald-Faced Hornets and European Hornets. Hornets are very common pests that you can find flying around your property and creating nests in bushes, trees, attics, sheds, as well as under eaves, decks, and soffits. These stinging insects show up in the summer to begin building a nest for the growing colony. Stinging insects fly around so quickly that it can be hard to identify which you are seeing without knowing their distinguishing features. Female hornets are 25-35 mm long, while the males are smaller. Hornets are about the size of a paper clip and appear orange/red or light white/yellow and black depending on the species. The best way to tell if you have hornets on your property is to take a look at the nest.


How can I tell if I have hornets?

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A hornet nest usually looks like a large, gray football, located in old sheds, deep in terraces, balconies, attics, and lofts. On average, 200-400 hornets will live together in any given nest, making them classified as “social insects.” There can be thousands of hornets in a single nest at any given time. Hornets create their nests by chewing wood that they find in the area such as pieces of decking, fences, logs and play sets for example. They use this material to create a pulp-like substance that's used to create the nest. Nest colors can vary depending on the wood they are able to access. As the season progresses, undisturbed hornet nests grow with the expanding population of their colony.


Why do I have hornets?

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Hornets create their nests where conditions are conducive to their survival and they can live out of harm’s way. Most hornet nests are constructed high above the ground to avoid being disturbed. Typically, you'll find hornet nests out of reach or in areas where there is low traffic.


Do hornets sting?

Yes hornets can sting, however hornets usually will not bother you if you don't bother them. They sting when they feel that their nest is threatened in an effort to protect their colony. It’s important to distance yourself from hornets because their sting may cause allergic reactions which can send some individuals to the hospital. Trying to kill the hornets or take down the nest on your own using products bought at stores or creating DIY solutions will likely result in stings from large amounts to hornets, so it's not recommended for your safety.


How can I get rid of a hornet nest?

Cooper does not advise that you attempt to remove a hornet nest on your own. Several DIY methods you may find across the internet are not guaranteed and can put you in compromising situations, open to stinging activity. Several hundred hornets, sometimes thousands, make up the colonies within a single nest. If you destroy their nest, you are exposing literally hundreds of stinging insects at once. Cooper Pest Solutions can carefully remove hornet nests and provide treatment based on hornet biology and proven methodology.


How can Cooper help?

Cooper Pest Solutions offers a Hornet Nest Removal Service, designed to safely remove hornet nests and reduce their activity on your property. Our highly trained technicians will visit your home wearing protective gear to remove the nest. You will have 90 days of coverage after the first day of service which includes unlimited technician visits to ensure hornet activity is eliminated.

Order Service Online

We understand that seeing hornets flying around your home can be a very stressful and emotional situation. That’s why Cooper Pest Solutions provides quick and convenient scheduling for hornet nest removal online. By ordering online, you can pre-pay and schedule the service today for service tomorrow. Order service online during your lunch break today and come home from work to a hornet-free property tomorrow. There is no need to take a personal or vacation day to deal with the hassle of hornet nest removal. Because the nest is located outside, you don't need to be home while the technician is performing the service.


How soon can you get here?

Our goal is to provide same day or next day service for Hornet Nest Removal Services. Order online for fast technician dispatch.