Eliminate and Prevent Clovermites in NJ and PA with Cooper


 What are Clover Mites?

 Clover mites are tiny insects that commonly appear during the early spring  and occasionally during the fall and can be found on grass, trees, shrubs,  flowers, and agricultural crops They are very small and reddish-brown in  color and the younger ones are bright red. They are extremely common in late spring on the East Coast of North America and leave reddish stains on surfaces when they are crushed.

Why Should I be Concerned with Clover Mites?

Clover Mites are not a threat to humans and pets since they feed on clover and grasses. Clover Mite infestations usually start outdoors, and in severe cases, they may move inside of your home.

Why Do I have Clover Mites?

One of the most common reasons for Clover Mite infestations is from well fertilized lawns. Clover Mites are plant feeders and prefer well fertilized lawns.

How Does Cooper Treat Clover Mite Infestations?

When you have a Clover Mite infestation, Cooper can treat your Clover Mite problem as a one-time pest service. We can also include measures for preventing Clover Mites as part of our Intensive and Traditional Home Maintenance Programs.

How soon can you get here?

At Cooper Pest Solutions, our goal is to provide fast, convenient service, with the peace of mind that you are in good hands. We understand that pest problems can be stressful and overwhelming, so we strive to have one of our representatives meet with you the same day or very next day.

Is the treatment environmentally friendly?

There are eco-friendly options available for Clover Mite control. In addition, all products used by Cooper Pest Solutions are EPA registered for pest control use. Our highly trained pest control professionals will follow all appropriate label requirements in an effort to keep pets and humans safe.

How can I prevent Clover Mites in the future?

Since grass and weeds that grow next to foundations provide favorable conditions for clover mite development, clearing them can help prevent Clover Mites in the future. There are certain types of plants and flowers that repel Clover Mites and these are beneficial since they do not provide the mites with a food source.

  • Mite repelling flowers include geranium, rose, zinnia, marigold, chrysanthemum, petunia, and salvia.
  • Mite Repelling shrubs include barberry, juniper, spruce, yew, and arborvitae