The Cooper Grant

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We are excited to work with the Philadelphia Insectarium and Butterfly Pavilion to bring you The Cooper Grant. Despite making our living in pest control, we actually love insects! Our passion for enriching the community has led us to help fund travel and admission costs for school classes beginning with kindergarten and extending to 4th grade students through our grant program.

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About Us

At Cooper, we know everything about bugs and pests — their habits, where they live and breed, and how to get rid of them safely and effectively. With Cooper’s commitment to training excellence, our highly trained technicians are well qualified to handle any type of pest problem. To learn more about us, click here. See how we help our local community here. To learn more about our history click here.


08_Carpenter_Ant.jpgAnts - You may experience many types of ant problems such as Carpenter Ants, Flying Ants, Pavement Ants, or Odorous House Ants. We have targeted programs in place to eliminate and control the ant population on your property. To learn more about our ant removal services, click here.


termites.jpgTermites - Termites fulfill an important role in our ecological system by speeding up the natural process of deterioration and help turn the dead wood into new soil. Unfortunately, termites don't know the difference between a stump in your yard and the wood in your home. At Cooper, we specialize in termite prevention and active termite management. To learn more about our Termite Service, click here.


43_Mosquito.jpgMosquitoes - Our Bite-Free Mosquito Program will eliminate mosquito populations all summer long at your home. Enjoy the outdoors and take back your backyard from mosquitoes this summer!


brown-marmorated-stink-bug.jpgStinkbugs - The primary issue with Stink Bugs is that they can invade your home in large numbers and become very frustrating when they are active. This is especially true because they have a tendency to get into and under things once they are inside. Cooper Pest Solutions offers a Preventative Stink Bug Service that will eliminate Brown Marmorated Stink Bug activity in your home.



Bed Bugs - Cooper Pest Control is the recognized national leader on the subject of bed bugs and for the treatment of pests. Not only does Cooper provide 8x the industry average for our technician training, our technicians are also required to pass a series of written and field exams before they are able to treat for bed bugs (and throughout their career). To learn more about bed bugs click here.


mice.jpgMice - Mice normally find their way indoors searching for food and in order to keep warm through the winter. Since mice have collapsible bodies, they can get into homes through cracks or holes smaller than a dime. However, they can be controlled with appropriate applications of baits or traps.


carpenter-bees.jpgCarpenter Bees - Eliminating Carpenter Bees and those ugly stains on your home can be a simple and easy process. Cooper offers a service that not only removes active Carpenter Bee infestations, but our service also prevents Carpenter Bees from returning and drilling new holes.



Stinging Insects - With our knowledge of wasp biology, we've created cutting-edge treatments to successfully prevent wasps from nesting on your home, decks, swing sets, storage sheds, etc.Our preventative Wasp Service is 100% guaranteed and extends through September.


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