Our Mission - WOW

WOW is our passion at Cooper Pest Solutions. WOW begins at Cooper with our mission to:

  • WOW our clients
  • WOW our teammates
  • WOW our service partners
  • WOW our community

Everything we do at Cooper is aimed at WOWing you, our valued client. This begins with every service we render, with every discussion we have. Not only do we live WOW but we wrote the book on it, literally. In the summer of 2004, our philosophy was published in the book, "What + How = WOW!"

Phil Cooper, CEO of Cooper Pest Solutions realized something was missing in the methods used to teach customer service skills, so he developed the company’s unique methods and then wrote the book. Phil’s "What + How" guides the reader through our WOW culture and provides a roadmap to WOW customer service. Phil has also brought his WOW philosophy and passion to numerous organizations in order to inspire their workforces and to help their employees enhance their communication with their clients.

“I work with the greatest team in the world and I hope you also get to know them well in our pursuit of the WOW moment." - Phil Cooper, CEO of Cooper Pest Solutions
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