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Bugs are Smart, We're Smarter
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I suspect that I have Bed Bugs in my home, what should I do?

Eliminating bed bugs in your home can be simple.

Eliminating bed bugs in your home can be a simple and easy process.
Follow these steps to address your bed bug problem.

Step 1:

Don't panic and don't start throwing away your furniture or spraying chemicals everywhere.

Step 2:

Call Cooper Pest Solutions

Step 3:

A representative from Cooper Pest Solutions will come to your residence for a visual inspection and at this time we will provide you with a no-obligation estimate (for a $125.00 fee which includes monitoring devices). Once properly identified, treatment by our dedicated technicians can begin as soon as the next day. NO PREP WORK IS REQUIRED BY YOU FOR OUR BED BUG TREATMENT.

Step 4:

The Cooper technicians will utilize the following treatment methods to eliminate bed bug infestations in your NJ or PA home.

  • Encasement of all mattresses and box springs.
  • Following a visual inspection where fecal matter from bed bugs is found, we will steam two feet around the affected area to ensure that they are eliminated.
  • Application of environmentally conscious pesticides. Our technicians will use pesticide dust to eliminate pests behind beds, switch plates, carpet tack strips, etc. Liquid pesticides are also applied to baseboards to exterminate any bed bugs that may be hiding there.
  • We may also use thermal remediation (heat treatment) depending on the severity of the infestation and the number of rooms that need to be treated.
  • Once the treatment is complete, we will place our monitoring devices under the bed legs and/or sofa legs to monitor for bed bugs in the future.

Since every infestation is different, we tailor our bed bug solutions to quickly eliminate your problem

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Additional Bed Bug Info

To learn more about our Bed Bug Service, watch our video.
Why chose Cooper? Watch our video to learn more.

Why Choose Cooper for your Bed Bug treatment?

  • Our service ls guaranteed for 5 months*
  • While many other pest management companies require considerable amounts of prep work such as emptying closets, stripping beds, emptying drawers, etc.. Cooper does not require this for most treatments.
  • Cooper Pest Control is the recognized national leader on the subject of bed bugs and for the treatment of pests. Cooper regularly holds weekly classes and boot camps for other pest management companies, while also developing cutting-edge products for the treatment and prevention of bed bugs.
  • Our specialized technicians are the best trained in the industry. Not only does Copper provide 8x the industry average for our technician training, our technicians are also required to pass a series of written and field exams before they are able to treat for bed bugs (and throughout their career)v We know bugs are sneaky and can be hard to find which is why we train our technicians to easily pinpoint where they live and breed!
  • Our effective treatment is environmentally conscious.
  • We realize that bed bugs can be very unsettling and when you choose the experts at Cooper for extermination, we will give you piece of mind knowing that the problem is solved to your satisfaction.

At Cooper we provide our treatments for:

Call us today at for an inspection and we will provide you with a no-obligation estimate for our Bed Bug Service.

Want more information about bed bugs? Click here for more facts about Bed Bugs.

"Thank you Cooper for solving my bed bug problem. My wife and I had gone through a lot of research and attempts and we still had a a problem. We wish we would have called you guys sooner so we would not have suffered for so long."

- John P., New Brunswick NJ

**We monitor for bed bug activity for 45 days after treatment and once we have achieved a status of "no bugs 8. no bites", we guarantee our service for an additional 3 months.

**Our guarantee is for free standing structures and single family homes.

What Our Clients are Saying
"I was extremely WOWed after my winter inspection. Karen took extra time to explain treatment & made sure family dog was kept away from treatment. She noticed a vent leaking onto some boxes and moved them to safety. Went above and beyond"
Brent M - Allentown, NJ

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