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Residential Pest Control

One-Time Pest Services

Cooper Pest Solutions is one of the few companies that offer a One-Time Pest Service. This service provides an alternative for clients who are interested in eliminating one specific pest without committing to a pest management program. It is a good option for those trying to maintain a specific budget. Scheduling is easy and an estimate, in most cases, can be quoted over the phone.

Intensive Service Plan

The Intensive Service Plan is designed to provide preventive pest and rodent control for your home, year round. This is our most popular service for homeowners. The service plan includes four preventive services per year. Each service is unique and will be accompanied by a detailed 30-point inspection report with detailed findings as well as providing you with important recommendations for your home. Each year you will receive three exterior maintenance services (March – November) and one interior service (December – February). The winter service will focus on the interior of the structure and is geared towards rodents and other pests that may live within the structure.

We can also proactively monitor your home for bed bugs. Learn about adding Bed Bug Assurance to your home service. 

Traditional Service Plan

The Traditional Service Plan is a substantial value for the homeowner that does not want to be bothered by crawling insects, mice, and wasps. The Traditional Service Plan provides preventive pest and rodent control for your home, year round. As part of your plan, you will receive four services per year. Each year you will receive three exterior maintenance services (March – November) and one interior service (December – February). There are some exclusions in the Traditional Service Plan when compared to the Intensive Service Plan.

Specifically Excluded from Both Services: Wood Destroying Organisms. Including but not limited to Termites, Wood Boring Beetles, etc. Flying Insects (gnats, mosquitoes, etc.) and Animal & Bird Control (Wildlife Mgmt).

Unique Pest Services & Prevention

Knowledge is Power. At Cooper Pest, we leverage our knowledge of pest biology and behavior to create special programs designed to reduce or eliminate hard-to-tackle pest problems, and potentially prevent problematic pests altogether. Mosquitoes, Stink Bugs, Termites, Carpenter Ants, and Wasps and Bed Bugs are no matches for Cooper's pest services.

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Intensive &
Traditional Service

Side-By-Side Comparison
Ants X X
Carpenter Ants X
Stinging Insects
(up to 24ft)
Bumble Bees X
Hornets X
Yellow Jackets
(in structure
above 6ft)
Yellow Jackets
(in structure
below 6ft)
Mud Wasps X X
Paper Wasps X X
Brown Banded,
Grain Weevils X
Indian Meal Moths X
Red Flour Beetles X
Rice Weeviles X
Grain Beetle
Cicada Killers X
Fire Brats X
Fleas X
Silverfish X X
Crickets X X
Earwigs X X
Ground Beetles X X
Centipedes X X
Pill Bugs X X
Sow Bugs X X
Spiders X X
Mice X X
Ladder Work
(up to 24ft)
Pruning X
Sealing of
Cracks / Holes

Mailboxes X
Playsets X
Pool Houses X
Storage Sheds X

Specifically Excluded from Both Services: 
Wood Destroying Organisms (Including but not limited to:
Termites, Wood Boring Beetles, etc.)
Flying Insects (gnats, mosquitoes, etc)
Animal & Bird Control (Wildlife Mgmt).
What Our Clients are Saying
"Beetles were in my closet and in my clothes! Steve was extraordinary and he took care of the bugs. Thank you for the caliber of people you employ. Again, Steve was wonderful, thank you so much for having someone like him. "
- Julie J., Princeton NJ

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