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Mouse and Rodent Control
For the next several months, Mice are the biggest pest problem for homeowners in the NJ and PA area. The rodent control experts at Cooper are prepared to take on the task of protecting your home from even the worst mouse infestation.
Bed Bug Sniffing Dogs
Many different methods have been invoked to detect and treat bed bugs, but a particularly popular one is a bed bug sniffing dog. In 2008, the University of Florida Entomology department did a controlled experiment with dogs to determine their effectiveness and accuracy. The report concluded that the dogs had a 97.5 percent positive indication rate, with no false positives. It also concluded that if properly trained, dogs can be effective at detecting live bed bugs and viable bed bug eggs. While that may sound like a ringing endorsement for their widespread use, commercially they are not the best tool for detecting bed bugs.
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"I was extremely WOWed after my winter inspection. Karen took extra time to explain treatment & made sure family dog was kept away from treatment. She noticed a vent leaking onto some boxes and moved them to safety. Went above and beyond "
- Brent M., Allentown NJ

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