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Cooper Pest Solutions Recognized By NJBiz As A Best Place To Work In New Jersey

Posted by: Cooper Pest

Cultivated Culture, Instilled Values and Community Relations make up the Unique Atmosphere

Lawrenceville, NJ – Finding good employees can be hard, but sometimes finding an employer or a job you enjoy can be even harder. Central New Jersey based company Cooper Pest Solutions, home of BedBug Central, is honored to announce that they have been named a finalist in the NJBiz 2017 Best Places to Work in New Jersey and the only pest control company in New Jersey to make the list.

“I was extremely happy for my team who worked so hard to make Cooper Pest a great place to work,” said
CEO Phillip Cooper. “Being recognized with the other companies is a validation of all of our hard work. At the same time, I know there are many great companies doing a lot of great things in New Jersey, so being honored with them means a great deal to us.”

Cooper Pest Solutions, which was founded in 1955, has long been a staple in Lawrenceville, NJ and continues to grow their residential market share in all of the towns within their service footprint throughout New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Although they have been a leader in the pest control industry for over 60 years, Cooper knows it takes hard work and synergy with his employees to keep everyone satisfied all the while staying at the forefront of the industry.

“There are so many different aspects about Cooper Pest that makes the employees happy to be here,” Cooper said, “but I believe it all begins with our amazing culture. We work hard at Cooper Pest to be consistently driven towards success, all while having fun at what we do and making a difference for the people we serve.”

Cooper Pest Solutions’ Regional Manager Jeff Fiorella, who has been with the company since 2011, agrees that the culture and values are what make Cooper a unique and enjoyable place to work.

“What I love about Cooper Pest Solutions is that all of the employees have the same values, which in turn makes it very easy to communicate and work together,” he said. “These core values that we all share are the main reason we can achieve the formidable goals that we set for ourselves and our company.”

According to Cooper, if you don’t possess the values that are important to the future success of the company and its employees, you won’t make it at Cooper Pest.

“Our company values are very important to us,” he said. “When we bring in new staff we want to ensure that their values match up to our company values and if they have the guts to ‘WOW.’ It’s about their attitude and the desire to be great that defines them, which helps motivate them to go above and beyond for our clients and to exceed the level of service that other pest control companies provide.”

Even though Cooper Pest is expected to grow over 20% in 2017 and add over 300 jobs by 2022, Cooper knows that it is every employee’s duty to continue to give back to the communities that they serve.

“We are dedicated to the community and the environment,” Cooper said. “As we grow, it will give us a greater reach into the communities that we serve and will give us a chance to embed into those communities. We will be able to create a positive impact by making a difference for our clients, their community and the environment.”

Cooper explained that even though most people don’t look at pest control companies as being environmentally conscious, Cooper Pest has always been an advocate for the environment and recently introduced their all natural, organic and effective Green Pest Services.

“The environment is important to us,” Cooper said. “Typically people look at a pest control company and think that we aren’t a strong advocate for making a difference in the environment but in fact that’s the complete opposite of what Cooper Pest believes in. Making a difference in the environment is a core part of everything that we do at Cooper Pest. We’re always looking for greener options all the time which is why we are incredibly proud of our new Green Pest Services.”

He went on to add that the development of the unique, green services showcases everything that makes Cooper Pest a great company to be a part of.

“Our Green Pest Services are a great example of what makes us extraordinary,” Cooper said. “There were so many different people in the company who have contributed to the development and execution of the program that are extremely excited about it and the exhilaration it provides them for making a difference within the environment.”

Cooper explained that he is honored to be recognized as a finalist for the Best Places to Work in New Jersey by NJBiz and looks forward to the future growth the company has within New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

“New Jersey can expect great things from Cooper Pest Solutions as we move into the future,” Cooper said. “We are experiencing 20% growth, so we expect to bring over the next five years another 300 additional jobs to New Jersey. With that expansion, comes a greater impact on the community. We are committed to being great corporate citizens and with a greater number of staff we will be able to further embed success into each of the communities that we serve.”

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About Cooper Pest Solutions

Cooper Pest Solutions is a progressive and full-service pest management firm located in Lawrenceville, NJ. Since our founding in 1955 by Theodore H. Cooper, we strive to develop or adopt the most advanced and effective pest treatment methodologies available.  We innovate and find tomorrow’s pest solutions today through a unique blend of our entomologists and team creating unique & effective pest solutions. To this end, we apply a multidisciplinary approach to pest elimination that ensures the most reliable and effective results while reducing pesticide usage and exposure. We are a family-run company that values our ability to Do the Right Thing, find solutions instead of problems and work collaboratively in a team environment.  With every interaction we seek to achieve our company mission: WOW our clients, WOW our teammates, WOW our community and WOW our service partners.