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What are Boxelder bugs?

Posted by: Cooper Pest

A bug that isn’t traditionally talked about or very well known throughout NJ and PA is the Boxelder bug.  While it doesn’t pose a threat to your home or health, they can be a real nuisance as an overwintering pest.  Following is a quick guide to the Boxelder bug.


Adult Boxelder bugs are about a half an inch long, and are black with red and orange marking on their abdomen.  Their wings lay flat across the back and overlap.

Boxelder Bug NJ And PA


Boxelder bugs don’t pose a legitimate threat to your home.  However, since they feed on plant fluid, there can be a yellowing effect from highly infested areas.  They have also been known to feed on certain types of flowers.


The best method of control is prevention.  They are considered to be an “overwintering” pest, which means they enter your home to escape winters.  Although they don’t reproduce when in this state, they can enter your home and become a nuisance in your home.  To effectively prevent bugs that overwinter, make sure you seal up any cracks in your home, especially around windows, vents, and doors.


When dealing with overwintering pests, the best time to do treatments is when those bugs start to enter your home.  Using pesticides to kill these bugs is not advisable since other bugs might start to feed off their dead bodies.  Use a vacuum to suck up any bugs, as this will prevent them from attracting other bugs.  

At Cooper, we offer a variety of different services to ensure your home stays bug free all year, as well as a preventative over-wintering service. To learn more, please give us a call or fill out our web form.

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